Welcome to the second installment of the perspectives series put together by The Single Dad’s Guide to Life and Author Brandi Kennedy.  Beginning January 1st, and going throughout the end of the month, The Guide and Author Brandi Kennedy will give our own perspectives on various different topics throughout the month.  One will be from the perspective of a Single Mom, and the other from a Single Dad.  And of course, on this end, you will get the Single Dad’s perspective.  Just make sure to check out the corresponding post on Brandi Kennedy: Love Stories and Lifestyle for the Undaunted Woman.

As we began to talk about the different topics we would cover for the month, we decided on a focus word for the year.  I know most people focus on a keyword throughout the year.  In 2017 one could have gone with something about the #MeToo movement.  Or it could have been about something to do with the state of politics in our culture.  But it’s easy to come up with words after the fact.

If you want to make a difference in the world, being proactive about things in life is important.  So a lot of thought was put into a word we could focus on in the coming year.  And when Brandi brought up momentum, I thought that was a perfect word to focus on this year.  Because momentum is about taking the motion that you have and pushing forward to bigger and brighter things.  Bodies at rest tend to stay at rest.  And bodies in motion tend to stay in motion.  It’s just taking the motion, or momentum we have, and doing something amazing with it.

Momentum, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is the property of a moving body the body has by virtue of mass and motion which is equal to the product of mass and velocity.  Which basically comes down to momentum being the drive of one’s soul to keep going in a direction.  So momentum is of primary import in life.  We need to have momentum in order to accomplish anything.  Given its importance, I wanted to remind myself of the importance of momentum in life.  Hence, I am going to list seven things this year where momentum will play an important role in my life.  The following are the seven important ways Momentum is important in life.

7 Things I Want Momentum In This Year

1)  Momentum Towards Relationships –

I want momentum in the relationships that I have this year.  This means in all forms of relationships. I want to broaden the relationships I have with my coworkers.  I want to take the relationship with my daughter and deepen it.  I want to get to know more of the bloggers around me and deepen the relationships that I have with them.  It’s so important to for everything one does to be able to grow the relationships they have with the people around them.  I want to do better at it this year.

2) Momentum Towards Goals –

This year I want to set out some goals for myself in advance and achieve those goals.  Of course, this means I need to establish some goals for the year to begin with.  It’s not that I am afraid of New Years Resolutions. I just wanted to make sure that they were something I could invest in and not just be upset every year that I would fail to live up to them.  So this year I will be making sure to set some goals for myself and establish specific ways I can achieve them.

3) Momentum Towards Health –

Last year I began the year working out and trying to be healthy.  Things didn’t exactly work out the way I had planned.  I got involved in so many different things for my blog and then my dad’s health started going downhill.  Things just kind of spiraled out of control by the end of the year.  But the one thing my dad’s failing health has done was to teach me I needed to work harder and taking care of myself this year.   This means salads, more hiking, and going to the gym more often.

4) Momentum Towards My Blog –

I want to spend this year investing in me.  And that begins with investing in my writing chops this year.  It may mean I will spend more money with certain aspects of blog this year.  I will certainly be investing in a camera and hope to take better pictures this year, and bring more of my visual eye to the things I am interested in and want to communicate.  It also means kicking this year off with a bang.  Hence I am starting off this year partnering with Brandi Kennedy on a blog series which is really exciting.

5) Momentum Towards My Family –

I know I said relationships with my daughter.  But it’s more than just about the relationship.  I want to work harder at growing my family.  This means investing in things that will bring good things for my family.  It means I will invest in things I can do with my daughter, like traveling and other things.  It means I will put aside money for my daughter’s education, especially her college.  It means I will spend more time and effort on making sure my family has the best future possible.

6) Momentum Towards My Career –

I have been stalled out in my librarian career for a while now.  Some of that I have allowed to happen because of trying to make sure that I was around for my daughter as much as possible.  But at this point, my daughter is growing up.  And I need to do what I can to make sure my daughter has the most opportunities available to her.  And to do that I need to use the master’s degree I earned and set aside the money and finances she needs to succeed in life.  My daughter is my “why”.  And growth in my career can help out my why as much as possible.

7) Momentum Towards My Education –

There is one truism I have been told that I agree with wholeheartedly.  When we stop learning we start dying.  It’s why people give puzzles and things to older people to keep their brain active and learning.  This means I will need to spend time this year working to educate me about more things.  For my writing, this means I will need to spend more time reading.  And for my blog, I will need to spend more time learning about various different blogging things.  From learning how to market better to up my social media game, I will be spending time learning things to make improvements on the blog and giving my audience more.

Continuing The Conversation

So what kinds of things are you interested in doing this year?  Where will your momentum take you?  And what direction do you think you will be taking this year which will benefit you?  I know momentum can carry us in all kinds of different and beautiful directions.  I think the beautiful thing about life is the best things that happen are the unplanned ones.  I know the adventures I love the most, I never fully plan for.  They just happen.  But you have to put yourself in position for them to happen, which is what the focus of this blog post was about.

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Until next time, this is me signing off.

David Elliott, Single Dad’s Guide to Life