Good afternoon, evening, or middle of the night, wherever you are. Thank you for visiting me and checking in of my fitness journey. I have begun this twenty-one-week journey to fitness, and we have just about reached the halfway point.  Halfway points are good for assessments for moving forward.  Or they are good at excuse making if you are a politician.  I’m still hoping that I am not a politician.  So this post is not just about the journey for the past week but the journey up to this point.  Where then am I at with regards to fitness?

Spring Break

Breaking Down My Fitness

Well…. let me see. Where should I begin? Hmmm…. Let’s take a look at the past week.  It’s been spring break in Davidland. Which means I have had my daughter for the past week.   We have been going out and having adventures.  This means we went to Knott’s Berry Farm a couple of times. Later, made it to the zoo and met a Milo with a sweater vest and a Phineas.  It was so crazy that we were concerned about whether we would find someone selling pistachios with an ugly green suit and a handlebar mustache.

Aside from all the activity, we have been cooking up some homemade meals, decorating some eggs, preparing for Easter, drinking a ton of water, and going for doctors visits.  And for some reason, right now, despite all the water we have been having, we are being told that it is not enough and they want us to drink a ton more.  (OK.  I admit it’s because they want to take a sample and not because they are interested in water torture. Or water drinking torture if that were a thing.).

And then, I did do a blog or two somewhere along the way.  I swear I did.  I think I did.  Maybe, I don’t know. This week is turning out to be a blur of epic proportions.  (On a side note, for those of you with iPhones, if you go to you people selection under your photos, iPhone creates a video for you.  That was cool until I realized that half the pictures I took moved.  Is iPhone videoing our every move?  Stay tuned for the quasi-serious investigative report coming to a blog near you.  Or this one.)  Needless to say, we have been on the go.

This Week Goes To Eleven

I know that this would seem like a lot. But wait. There’s more! This week is my daughters birthday.  And not any Birthday.  It’s her eleventh birthday.  I can hear the sighs because I just shot this week to eleven.  I have had plenty of things going on but now I just dropped the mic. It went to eleven.

So here I am with birthday parties, play dates, outings, water drinking, and home cooked meals.  This week has been on the precipice of epic.  Or it was Epic, depending on whether you believe the video on my phone of my daughter can be epic.  It’s been one crazy week.

This Past Week

While you are looking at me in disbelief you now remember that this is a fitness blog.  And did I actually make my fitness goals?  That’s a good question.  Well, let’s examine the fitness goals from last week.  One by one I will knock them all out.  Or I will bury them in the backyard next to the JFK evidence and Jimmy Hoffa’s body.  Here they are:

We might have done a trip or four for my fitness week

Two Trips To The Gym Plus Outings-

Here I can make an excuse.  I was out for four different outings.  And I am about to head out for three more in three days.  Our outings are all day affairs that range between 10 and 20 Thousand Steps, and according to my fitness tracker, burn some 3000 calories.  But….  (And yes I know that this negates the previous three sentences.  But seriously…. cut me some slack.)  I did not make it to the gym for the two times that I said I would.  I admit that most of this fault is due to when I found myself working on the blog this past week.  It took me late into the nights when I should have been sleeping so I could get up in the morning.  But I didn’t.  And it couldn’t.  So gym happens!  Or doesn’t happen.  And so it didn’t.

Eight Glasses Of Water –

Check!  Double Check!  Triple Check!  Quadruple Check.  As many different checks as I can put into a paragraph and still have you not running for the exits.  I made my glasses of water goals.  I think this is the first time that I made it through that goal.  But honestly, the better I do at the gym, or at outings, the more water my body craves water.  It’s strange that way.  And what’s crazier is that it seems to taste better.  You know how they say that hunger is the best spice?  Well, exercise is the best spice for my water . . . if water ever had such a thing as having spice in it.  Maybe I need to come up with spice water.  But that sounds a lot like the Spice Girls.  So, nope!

One Home Cooked Meal Per Day –

This one is a bit of a stretch, but I am going to count this as a win.  I was able to get one home-cooked meal per day if you count that for some of those days I did multiple home cooked meals, and others I had zero.  So it all averages out.  Kind of.  Really, it was just very difficult on the days we went on all day outings.  But for those other days, I got to do tacos and chicken and all sorts of various yummies, some of which will show up in future blog posts.

Counting Calories –

I suppose for this one you can say that I won.  Because I did the previous two so I can ignore what happened with the lack of counting the calories.  Woo hoo!  You can try to imagine me doing a happy dance.  Or Futterwacken, whatever makes you feel happier.

Overall Fitness For The Past Ten Weeks

For the most part, I feel like this last week was a success, but how do I feel about things further out than that?  Where do I think that I am actually at?  What things have I done?  I will answer these questions by looking at what my goal for this was.  I was looking at these goals because I wanted to do things to be healthier for my daughter.  And I wanted to do these things to be able to have the energy to be involved in activities with my daughter.  Do I count as doing those things?  Is it working?  And how can I change things?

Have I Done The Right Things?

I would say that I have been making subtle improvements in my life.  I have been conscious about what I have been eating, about my calories, and about whether I have done exercise.  Unfortunately, there have been a few too many weeks where I didn’t do what I wanted to do with regards to fitness.  And in a ten-week period, I would say that a 70 percent only rates as a C.  So I am giving myself a C here, with a needs improvement on the particulars.

Is It Working?

This is one of those cup half full versus cup half empty sort of things.  On the cup half full size, I have been stabilized as far as my weight.  It’s not going up. But it really isn’t going down either.  But how about with my energy?  On the one hand, I feel like I have been able to increase my energy for hikes and other things that have kept me up way late and still allowed me to get up early and do whatever activity my daughter wants to be involved in.  On the other hand, I have found myself with some other health issues that aren’t making me feel good.  I have started getting a few headaches and things.  But I think with the amount of time on the computer, a new pair of eyeglasses are going to be helpful.  (I’ll give you my eyeglass fashion show when I have gotten my new pairs.)

What Goals Can I Set To Change Things?

I would say that for the past ten weeks I have been pretty stable in my goals.

  • Four Times Working Out At The Gym For One Hour
  • Eight Glasses of Water Per Day
  • One Homecooked Meal Per Day
  • If Not The Previous Two Then Counting Calories

It’s been a mixed bag when it comes to living up to those things,  so it’s hard to say whether those things were enough to get me moving in the right direction.  I can press on through with them and see if things work out (pun intended), or I can change things to see if I can make them work better.  No one wants to keep giving themselves the same goals and feel like they are an utter failure for an even longer period of time.  But I also don’t feel like I could do less and get the kind of health benefits I wanted when I started this project.

Therefore, I am going to change things up a bit and see how they work when I come to the two-thirds mark in this goal.  That gives me four weeks to change things around and see how everything works out.  What have I decided?  Well . . .

My New Goals For The Next Four Weeks –

  1. Six Times A Week At The Gym Or An All Day Activity
  2. Eight Glasses of Water Per Day
  3. Counting Calories

For some of you on this journey of mine, I know that you are staring in disbelief.  It’s like I have willingly jumped into the icy water surrounding the Titanic, believing I will survive.  Sure, some miracle could happen.  Donkeys really could sprout wings and fly.  I might actually be related to Han Solo in a past life.  (What do you mean Han Solo is a fictional character?  He’s real! Oh yes!  He’s Real!)  But you cannot believe I would actually increase my gym time in some crazy belief that it will make me want to go more.  The answer to that is no.  I am not that crazy.  Maybe.

What I do believe is that I need to motivate myself to go to the gym more often, and that upping the amount will allow me to do that.  Now how this looks may adapt.  I might go twice in one day.  So it’s not necessarily six days a week.  It’s six times a week.  Also, I need to put a focus on the exercise part to get me working on that.  That naturally decreases my appetite and will make it more likely that I do not overeat.  And yes, this means going with the calorie counting because it will take up enough of my time that it will be harder to do home cooked meals.  It just means that I will need to minimize eating and maximize exercise.

Weeks 11 To 14 Here I Come!

Can I do this?  Will I do this?  I don’t have a good answer to those questions.  I will let you know how I feel in another four weeks.  And I will keep coming back here weekly to recount how I am doing with my goals and what is going on.  So at the halfway mark to your goals. what do you do?  Do you asses where you are and change up if need be?  Do you increase your goals?  Or do you keep plugging away at the same things hoping that they will be successful for you?

I would love to hear about you and what goals are important to you.  Please leave comments.  And if you enjoyed this blog, please follow, and read some of my other work here at the Guide.  Plus, if you are a subscriber and contact me through the contact the author link at the top, I will email you the password to the Dad Rules.  Thanks for checking in.

Until next time, this is me signing off.

David Elliott, Single Dad’s Guide to Life

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