I swear Leprechauns have red beards. I think.

Consolidation – This seems to be my buzzword for the week. And if I am going to look on the bright side this week, I have to focus on this element of it. So what is consolidation? And why am I happy about it? Little green men. Those little green leprechauns. That’s why!


So what do the little green men have to do with consolidation? Aren’t they just sitting at the end of the rainbow with a pot of gold or something? Maybe, although I haven’t seen their gold yet. What I do know is that now they are up to far worse things. These little green men are rascals. They are men who switch the clocks in the middle of the night and upend my schedule. I knew I didn’t like them for all of the pinches I got when I was a kid; but now that they are changing clocks too, I am throwing down the gauntlet.


As you can guess, I am blaming these Leprechauns for the Daylight Savings Time switchover. I suppose if you read my treatise on this, I should be blaming the Canadians, or war, or FDR. But I think that blaming the Leprechauns is a far more effective use of my time. I can picket bars during St. Patrick’s Day with classic signs that read “No Leprechauns, No Peace,” and “You thought black helicopters were bad? Green men with pots of gold are far worse!” I’m not sure about that last sign, however, as I was in a sleep deprived stupor when I came up with it. Stupid Leprechauns and their stupid DST. I don’t think there are enough four leafed clovers in the world to change my luck.

Whew! I was getting worried about my sanity.

So in this green men with red bearded sleep-deprived stupor, I slept-walked through my week. I may have even written something. I think. Oh yeah. I worked on an opt in. What is that? It’s blogger speak for, “if you sign up for my mailing list I will actually give you something.” But that’s not what this blog is about anyway. I think. I’m so confused.


If my blog is not about green men, or the time change, what in the world is my blog about? Fitness? Nah! Why would my blog be about . . . wait . . . I remember now. It is about fitness, or consolidation. It’s one of those things. I’m sure of it.


I want to say that this week has been all about consolidation because when every time you plan on getting up early to go to the gym you hit the snooze button, you realize that something may be a bit off. I could blame it on staying up late and working on my blog, but that would be too easy. Little green Leprechauns with red beards, pots of gold, and black helicopters make much more sense.


So what did I do this week? I did work out one day. I should have done more on the weekend when I had my girl, but I told myself that I could wait and still make it later in the week. Then came the time change, and the great Leprechaun / Sandman conspiracy of 2017. The rest was a formality.


So what else did I do? I consolidated, of course. I took all of my gains and locked them in. This means that I held steady at the weight I was at before. I haven’t lost a whole lot yet but you gotta count the small wins now and then. And I did start to keep track of what I was eating day by day. In addition, for those of you who followed my weekly fitness blog, you will note that I said I would make a home cooked meal every day. Failed that too. Ok! Ok! Not quite failed. I cooked meals on six of seven days during the week. So I was moving into being more healthy. And, I drank water bottles several times during the week. I’m not sure I made 8 glasses of water a day. I’d say a cool four. Baby steps. Baby steps I tell ya.


So what are my plans for the next week? Honestly, to cut back on my double life. Being a librarian by day and a secret blogging agent by night is killing me. Doubled over tired I am; 007 I am not. But do not fear. I am not quitting. And I’m not slowing down my pace of writing. I really like that part. I’m just going to slow down some groups I’m in and focus on social media growth some more. So you can expect the same crazy writing you did before. Now where was I?


That’s right. Fitness blog. My plans for this week are to get back to a better sleep pattern, stop blaming red bearded men with pots of gold and black helicopters, and focus on getting back to my routine. So my goals are four days a week at the gym, one cooked meal every day, six glasses of water, and to focus on eating a larger amount of fruits and veggies.


So that’s my week. One day of exercise, watching what goes in my body, eating somewhat healthier, and drinking more water. Two steps forward and one back, or something. On a side note, I am thankful that I got my student loans consolidated. Student loans are the bane of existence, and you should avoid them at all cost if you can. Once again, this is it for another blog post. But hooray me. And hooray for consolidation this week. And hooray Leprechauns! You may have stolen my hour, but I will get your gold. Just you wait. I will get it when you least expect it . . . right after this nap.


This is me, signing off on week six.


David Elliott, Single Dad’s Guide to Life


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