Good morning, or evening to you, wherever you may be.  It is time for another fitness week.  This means that I am looking back on the past week and seeing where I have been.  It also means forward looking to what my plans are in the future.  And each week I go through an analysis of all of my goals and set goals for the next week.  But before I get to the more specific fitness goals, I want to speak about goals in general.  What kinds of things did I want out of life, out of this blog, and out of this series of fitness blogs in general?  What was I thinking when I started this series?  And what was I thinking when I started my blog?  All of these general things will inform decisions I am making, and will be making into the future.

As a result, I felt like it was necessary to recap some things and let you know where I am going to go from here. First, when I started this blog, I really didn’t know how often I should be posting, or what kinds of posts that I should be posting.  (This started out as a parenting blog.  And truthfully, it still is.  I haven’t forgotten my overall theme in the effort to cover fun food holidays, cooking times with my daughter, or fitness weeks with you. )  So my crack research team (me) started watching and seeing how often I could post on my blog to feel like I was engaging with my readers.  And four times a week didn’t seem like such a bad thing.  All was running along swimmingly . . . with sixty visits a day.  Maybe a bit more.  It’s hard to know sometimes.

And four felt good to me.  (To be honest, it still does.) But then I realized that I needed to market myself out there to be able to get more traffic going to my blog.  This meant that I needed to put myself out there.  And slowly but surely I started to realize that I had less and less time to do anything else.  I do know that there are companies that will do some of this for you.  And if my blog was popular enough and made enough money, maybe I would be able to pay someone to do all the marketing for me.  But I am not there yet.

So when I started facing all of the different issues that I was going to have with the writing and the marketing of my blog, I sat down with myself and started talking to myself.  Then I realized that someone might think I was insane so I figured that arguing with myself loudly, and in public, was not the best way to handle this.  I needed to be forthright and honest.  So I wrote out all my thoughts.  It allowed me to focus more clearly on things.  So with the discussion, I started to think about what I could and could not do on the blog and still get a few hours sleep.   So I started organizing my plan to take over the world, Pinky and the Brain Style.

My first method was to get myself a planner.  This worked well for a time.  And I made sure I only marketed on certain places on certain days.  I still need to keep doing this for my blog.   But I realized I needed to do extra marketing for growth purposes.  Afterward, I ran into the Sandman and he threatened to beat me so senseless with his bag of sand I wouldn’t be able to stand on my own two feet if I didn’t get enough sleep at night.  So I thought.  And thought.  And thought some more.  What could I do blogging four times a week and marketing myself that would keep me going at this pace?  I noticed I could hear crickets in my head.  They were deafening.  Or that the lack of sleep was making me start to hear loud crickets in my head like some strange voices.

So this week I came to some conclusions about things.  And it begins with my blog.  It was very hard to make this decision as I really wanted to keep blogging four times a week if at all possible.  But for the immediate future, trying to keep up that goal and do everything else that I needed to do became unreasonable.  Hence, as of this week, I will be cutting back to doing three blogs per week.  I know.  I know.  I can hear all of the boos and hisses coming up from the peanut gallery, or my sleep deprived brain, whichever is screaming at me louder.  It was a hard decision to make.

Despite this hard decision, I believe there will be some important benefits.  First, individual posts will get more time and dedication to them.  This means more time spent on beautiful graphics, more time to edit things, and more time to be the crazy self that you have all come to appreciate, if not stand ten feet back from . . . making sure there are police nearby to protect you in case I start spouting off really crazy stuff.  In all seriousness, I really do enjoy the creative process and having more time to create individual posts is exciting to me.

Second, it will help me to refocus on what I am doing and why I am doing it.  Remember me talking about the importance of finding your “why”?  Yeah me neither.  But I swore I did. I feel like I have forgotten my why in the past couple of weeks and it became about the how.  How will I get this done?  How can I edit this in time?  How can I do this event and still get my blog post out?  How do I market it and do everything simultaneously without creating a time machine?  (Wait . . . can anyone find me, Doc Brown?)  In truth, when you know your reason for doing something, you will find ways to get something done.  Because you won’t let anyone stand in your way of doing so.  It will be that important.

And finally, I will get to engage with all of you so much more.  I can’t tell you all of the amazing people I have met here.  I know I have given a shout out to some of them.  But in truth there are so many of you, I don’t think I could write ten different posts and do you all justice for how much your encouragement has meant to me as I have been experiencing my blog growing pains.  (I suppose everyone goes through them.  And they learn to manage what is important and come to a reasonable understanding of how much they can do.)

You have become my friends, mentors, confidants, partners in crime, and amazing colleagues.  I cannot imagine going on this journey without you all.  So I don’t want to lose you in the goal to grow.  I refuse to become Mr. Scrooge who forgets his fiancee in the pursuit of money.  I want to be Mr. Fezziwig who loves and appreciates life in all its magnificent beauty.

One last caveat before moving on to my fitness week.  If I do find the time to write that extra blog post some week, I might.  Because I will get some random topic that will just be so important that I cannot help but blog about it.  Like the Davidnator .  . . or something like that.  But in the meantime, I will be working hard to put together things that you will enjoy and that I can be proud of.  Or at least that the blog police won’t come and revoke my blogging rights and privileges for.  Because I really do love this crazy blogging thing.  I can’t imagine having to stop.  So fitness . . . yeah . . .

Fitness Week Nineteen – Two Weeks To Go

It really has been a crazy week here over in Davidville.  First, I have to thank Knott’s Berry Farm marketing for the opportunity to come and talk about an event I absolutely love.  It was a ton of fun.  Where else can I practice out my Michael Flatley Dance moves on without judgment?  Seriously!  And then I had this major event at the library I work for.  It’s called “How To U”.  It’s where we teach all of our patrons how to take over the world.  Or make slime.  I can never remember which.  It’s a whole day on my feet of instruction and mania that makes me feel like someone ran me over with a truck. And then backed up to make sure that they didn’t miss me the first time.

And then there was paint night in the O.C.  I still have to write up a post about that experience.  Painting elephants?  Heck yeah!  I’m an artist!  I promise not to go Van Gogh on my ear though.  And if it gets too tempting I promise to see a therapist . . . and get really good drugs.

Goals For Week Nineteen

1) Four Gym, Outing, Or Home Workout Activities Per Week-

This week with all that I have been doing I say that I have made it.  I spent all day outings doing all kinds of things this week.  Including trying not to kill people while dancing at a hoedown.  (You just try and do that.  It’s not easy.  I swear.)  This meant all kinds of exercise opportunities.  I did not make it to the gym like I wanted to do.  And for that, I feel kind of bad.  But given how much activity I did do, I cannot feel too badly about it all.  I know some of you have grown used to my stern self-critique.  But this week I am going to be David “The Optimist” Elliott.  Not to be mistaken for David “The Optimus Prime” Elliott.  I know they can get confused sometimes.  So here I am being positive.  I kicked butt and took names.  Next!

2) Eight Glasses Of Water Per Day-

Kicked butt on this one too!  Feels good to be kicking butt, doesn’t it?  Well . . . as long as you aren’t hurting anyone else I suppose that’s true.  But I was just kicking fitness week butt so it’s all good.  I have been drinking water with some nice regularity.  Sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less.  But it’s all in the balance right?  There was, however, a Gatorade night that I don’t want to talk about. So . . . moving right along.

3) Counting My Calories –

I guess I did not really do too well on this one.  Ok.  I REALLY did not do too well on this one.  Part of it has to do with lack of opportunity.  At the Knott’s event, they did not put out a calorie list.  So I couldn’t have written down calories if I had wanted to.  And then there was pizza from a local shop that didn’t list its calories.  And then there were the space aliens who came down and took me to their leader who said I should stop counting calories because . . . and then he got into some alien gibberish I couldn’t understand.  I was just clear I should stop counting calories.  Ok . . . maybe there weren’t aliens.  There were times it was hard to count calories.  But there were times I should have remembered to count my calories and I did not.  So it’s not an excuse.

4) Eight Hours Of Sleep Per Night –

As you might have guessed, I was not getting those eight hours this past week.  Not even the seven.  Seven I consider a moral victory.  What I accomplished was six hours of sleep per night.  I suppose it’s a victory over the tyranny of two hours and five hours that I have accomplished in previous weeks.  So being an optimist, I am looking at this in a glass half full light.  I slept.  I slept enough to function.  And the Sandman kept from beating me too senseless.  So there is that.

Overall Grade: A-

Next Week’s Goals

I know that in past weeks I have been pretty strict about what I felt like I deserved.  But as I was thinking about this weeks grade, I wanted to focus on the fact that the real goals are about the diet and exercise.  And mostly on the exercise here.  And I did that.  So trying to get nitpicky over whether I made six instead of eight hours, or whether I blew my calorie goals (I don’t believe I did so), didn’t feel right.   But as I have said in the past, I am going to keep these goals the way they are because I am heading down the back stretch.  Trying to change them now would only cause me to fall flat on my face.  And I don’t plan on crossing the finish line with mud on my face, even if I only place fourth.


1) Four Times Of Exercise, Wherever They May Occur

2) Eight Glasses Of Water Per Day

3) Counting My Calories

4) Eight Hours Of Sleep Per Night

Continue The Conversation

So that’s it for this week and fitness.  Once again, I am hoping to make it out to the gym this week and not just do activities outside the gym.  I think working on some different muscle groups would be good.  Not that the cardio isn’t a wonderful thing. It is.  So what major decisions have you made this week?  Have you made plans to increase activities during the summer?  Or are you going to cut back on something in order to be able to do everything better?  And who is the one person, blogger or otherwise, that has influenced you the most on your current journey?  And if it’s a blogger, please put their blog on your comment so that we can get to know them a little better as well.

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Until next time, this is me signing off.

David Elliott, Single Dad’s Guide to Life


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