Good morning everyone.  And in case it’s not.  Good afternoon, good evening and good night.  Welcome to my fitness journey.  I reached week seventeen in my twenty-one-week goal to health.  And it feels crazy.  I cannot even describe what I was thinking seventeen weeks ago when I started this.  I cannot even conceive what I was thinking about my blog seventeen weeks ago as it was getting itself off of the ground.  Now that this fitness journey has reached seventeen it feels like I am on a time clock.  Is there something about the number seventeen that does that?  Does seventeen bring dread to the universe?  Does it shake when it hears the number seventeen?

Important Seventeens

Seventeen.  The Italian equivalent for the English unlucky number of 13.  (In a weird twist on Roman Numerals, somehow it equates to life having lived . . . past tense.  Which means you’re dead.  Crazy!)  A prime number made up of 4 prime numbers.  Often confused with 70.  For the Pythagoreans, an utter abomination.  (Not that I know why.  Or even who the Pythagoreans were.  Except they had a theorem.  I think.)   The sum of a positive cube and a positive square. (Although that sounds like I might be repeating myself.)   The age in the U.S. to be able to rent and go to R-rated films without parental consent.  The age in Greece to vote.  (I’m thinking they might need to change that number.). The age in Chile to drive.  A Ricky Martin album.  (This is the most important of the seventeens of course.)  Evidently, we think that seventeen is a pretty important age.  For some strange reason.

My Sweet Seventeen

As a seventeen-year-old, I felt a bit lost.  Can you imagine being ejected from high school, being forced to choose colleges, needing to have a driver’s license, being expected to make decisions that would impact the rest of your life, and being told that with all the craziness swirling around you that it was important that I vote for the leader of the free world?  I don’t think I would have counted 17 as one of those seminal years in my life of great importance.  And yet, we seem to attach great importance to this year.  I suppose that many people think it’s important because it’s the year you have to make big decisions about life.

Why Seventeen And Not Say . . . Thirteen?

But this year seems to shift at random.  Seriously.  The Jewish people still give Bar mitzvahs.  This is supposed to be the year where the child becomes a man.  At thirteen.  Not seventeen.  Thirteen.  And what’s crazier is that back in the day, people got married at this age.  I know that many biblical figures were married in their early teens.  Physically, this makes some sort of sense, as it is when your body develops enough biologically to procreate.  But thinking about me trying to be an adult at the age of thirteen is like thinking of a boat being shoved away from a dock without an engine . . . or sails . . . or oars . . . or an anchor for that matter.

Should We Look At 37 . . .?

According to the Daily Mail, a man reaches his happiness peak at the age of 37.  This is just crazy.  First, it’s scary that I have to look back at the age of 37.  Second, I think I can say that it was the time my marriage was falling apart and life was spiraling down a rabbit hole that I am finally coming out of.  I don’t think I would consider 37 to be my peak of manhood.  Or of importance.

. . . Or 49?

Then they have a second little fun tidbit in the Daily Mail.  They say that we are most likely to cheat at the age of 49.  But I ask, where in the world do they come up with that statistic?  Seriously.  With half the population getting a divorce.  Most people who do divorce have had their first divorce well before 49.  I would venture to guess that many of those divorces were for infidelity.  So 49?!?!  Pshaw!  And even if it is at 49, what does it say about men at the age of 49?  Does it make us less men?  And the fact they have a statistic which measures that . . . what does it say about us as a society?  Can we honestly say we have reached the age of adulthood, even at 49?  When does maturity kick in darn it?!?!

But I digress.  Seventeen!  Yes.  Seventeen.  Why is seventeen important?  I guess it’s as randomly important as any other number.  And it’s important because it’s fitness week seventeen.  And because that leaves only four weeks left.  Can I go back to week four again?  I guess not.

Fitness Week Seventeen –

For those of you who started with me at the beginning of my journey, I am guessing you have been thrown off by it now.  I originally started this as a Fitness Friday post.  I was going to track my Fridays.  But then I insisted on doing a different post last week on Friday.  And this week felt all disjointed because of Memorial Day.  And before I knew it, I felt like I couldn’t give the Fitness Friday post when I felt like I only had a couple days to write about.  I hope to get back to Friday by next week.  One can hope.

My Week –

With every week I have a list of goals that I wanted to accomplish since last week.  I want to tell everyone out there who say that they have been inspired by my journey that they have been an inspiration to me to keep going.  Week after week it can be hard to keep at a thing.  Many weeks it seems like it would be easier to quit.  But the fact that you are out there wishing me well and being inspired by me keeps me at it.  I am not there yet.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I will reach my weight goals by the twenty-one-week mark. But the benefits of this were not always about the weight goals themselves.  The benefit of this journey was to affect the lifestyle that I had.  Eventually, those lifestyle changes produce results.  And I will make my goals.  Whether in four weeks or four months, I will reach them.  Thank you all for your inspiration.

So let’s take a look at my goals for last week:

Six Times At The Gym Or On An Outing –

Once again it is a bit of a mixed bag.  And the downside is that I am not getting to the gym.  I have done three extended outings this week.  I do think that my energy is going up.  And I am having some positive effect on my waistline.  But I am not doing the six.  I promised that I would change the goal up this week if I couldn’t reach it.  And I will.  Gotta be a man of your word.

I know that I used to do four hours a day of cardio.  That was crazy.  I don’t think I will be doing that again.  But moving to four days should be a goal.  And keeping that consistently will make it so some day I can increase to five and six.  I think it’s better to keep a goal consistently for a time and then slowly change it.  I might have jumped the gun to six.

Eight Glasses Of Water Per Day –

Thank you to the person who caught the eight glasses per week from last week.  And shouldn’t I have meant week?  That would have been so easy.  Shoot.  I could be saying I did seven times that and no one would have been the wiser.  It would have made me a water drinking stud.  I would have been the Kobayashi of the water drinking world.  My picture would be on ESPN for water drinking contests.  Rats!  Ah well.  So back to the water.  Did I drink eight glasses of water per week?  Heck yeah!  I made that goal.  Woo hoo!  But did I make the eight per day that was the real goal?  Nope!  Only six.

Counting My Calories –

There is good and bad to this goal this week.  I have been very aware of my calories.  I have been totaling them in my head.  But I haven’t been keeping track of them in the MyFitnessPal app like I should have.  And that’s where I feel like I have been off.  I have not been keeping track on a machine which means I have probably fudged how much I could be eating at any given time.  I need to make sure I track these calories this next week.

Eight Hours Of Sleep Per Night –

This week again I have been conscious about how much time I have needed to sleep. But I don’t think I have been getting quite eight.  And I know for a fact one of those nights was six.  I have been averaging around seven hours per night.  I know that this has left me sleepy. And in turn, that discourages me from doing the workouts because I feel like I am dragging.  I really need to figure out a way to enforce that this week.

Weekly Grade: D+

Moving On

This past week has been lacking in the fitness department.  On the one hand, I should be grateful that this means I am focused on the fitness goals that I have for myself.  On the other hand, knowing your fitness goals and doing them is two entirely different things.  And I have not been living up to the ideals that I have set for myself.   Maybe I have been unrealistic about certain things for the past five weeks.  Although I know I have done this in the past.  Maybe I have too much going on in my life now to accomplish this task.  I cannot tell.  But I do believe that with fitness you do need achievable goals.  And then you can be happy that you surpass them.

So with that in mind, and knowing I have four weeks left in this journey, the following will be my goals for week eighteen:

Week Eighteen Goals

  • Four Times At The Gym, Workouts At Home, Or Full Day Outings

  • Eight Glasses Of Water Per Day

  • Counting Calories

  • Eight Hours Of Sleep Per Night

Continue The Conversation

So what do you think about the number seventeen?  Is there something significant about the age, or have we just decided things arbitrarily?  What are your goals for this week?  And what do you do to change things when you don’t live up to your goals that you set for yourself?  I would love to hear from you in the comments section.

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Thanks for stopping by once again while I am on my fitness journey. Only four weeks left.  What do you have planned for the next four weeks?

Until next time, this is me signing off.

David Elliott, Single Dad’s Guide to Life

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