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Finding Local Removal Firms

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When moving house, finding local removal firms is always a good option as you are able to do far more research and due diligence on companies nearby. Here are some top tips for choosing local removal firms in your area, whether you are looking for affordable removals in London or looking further afield such as Edinburgh.

Ask For Feedback

Using a local business is great as you can easily get feedback and reviews from people you know and trust. By opting for a local company, you can ask friends and family whether they have had any experience with them and what they thought of them.

There is likely to be a few different companies in your area so I’d consider the ones who have more positive reviews.

Get Some Quotes

Everyone wants to get the most they possibly can for their money and if you are looking for a cheap local removal firm, quotes are an absolute must. Make sure you ask what additional services they offer that you might be interested in so these can also be factored into the price you are given.

It is worth getting these quotes written down and emailed over to you with a price breakdown so you are able to see exactly what you will be paying for.

Some people have a specific budget in mind and are unable to go over that so a full price breakdown is a must! You don’t want to be paying over the odds for a service that another company can offer for much less.

Check Their Insurance

All removal companies should carry certain insurance. However some may also hold additional insurance or ask their customers to purchase certain coverage as an additional extra.

As the company is going to be responsible for all of your belongings and getting them from A to B, it is important they have a comprehensive insurance policy that will cover everything if the worse should occur. The last thing you need after moving house is to have to replace everything due to an accident or something similar and then find out that the company insurance won’t cover your belongings!

Do You Have Certain Requirements?

Most removal companies have fixed addresses and sometimes you are able to go and see them directly, face to face. If you have certain requirements when it comes to your move, it may be worth popping in and speaking to them.

Things that don’t necessarily come up with every move are accessibility issues, unique items that need transporting or any particular restrictions. Speaking to the company may see your requirements sorted and your worries eased within a few moments.

I hope that with these tips you will be able to choose between the local removal firms in your area. Using a local business is great for the local economy and is helpful for future local people too as you too can share your experience.

Do you have any tips that you would like to share?