20 Best Father’s Day Gifts For Your Amazing Dad

When the calendar rolls past the month of May and into June, leaving the Memorial Holiday in the dust, everyone turns to the next celebration on the map: Father’s Day.  Nowadays, these parent holidays are unique.  Frequently, on Facebook, you can hear about all the Single Dad’s being wished a happy Mother’s Day, and on Father’s Day, you hear celebrations for the mothers taking on the role of father.  As sad as these circumstances are, we all have male figures in our lives we respect.  Whether it’s your dad, stepdad, brother, a brother from another mother, or second cousin’s step-brother’s mother’s former roommate, we all have a male to celebrate being there for us in our lives.  On Father’s Day, we raise a glass of good cheer to him.  So, celebrate the man in your life who upheld the mantra of Father with a Father’s Day Gift.

Unfortunately, men are frequently the most difficult to purchase for when it comes to gift buying.  Sometimes people do not know the men well enough to find the right gift for them.  And it’s not always a person’s fault for not knowing that.  Most dads do not talk much.  In fact, most dads have been trained not to speak much at all.  Sometimes this is good.  Speaking important truths means a lot more than having the equivalent of verbal diarrhea.  Sometimes it’s bad.  Children need to have fathers speak truths into their lives.

And when one doesn’t speak, others fill in the gaps of meaning.  With silent fathers, we have a host of shows who pretend this means fathers are dimwitted.  The fact the stupid man is a trope frightens me and frightens me about the prospect of boys growing up in a world where their talents are downplayed, and their intelligence questioned.

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Regardless of the goodness or badness of their silence, frequently we do not know what to get dad, because we do not know dad well enough to get him something.  So, the Guide decided to compile a list of 20 excellent gift ideas for you.  Hopefully, this list will fill in some of the gaps for you when it comes to gift giving the special father in your life for this Father’s Day.  Of course, no two dads are alike.  And we could never name the right gift for everyone.  We just hope this list helps spurn the imagination and helps you find the perfect gift for the flawed but amazing man in your life.  So without further ado, the Guide presents the 20 Best Father’s Day Gifts for 2019.

20 Best Father’s Day Gifts For Your Amazing Dad (2019)

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  1. I may be biased, but the pistachio is my favorite seed of all time. Savory and delicious, eating one never happens.  There is only one question.  Will the entire bag be gone in one sitting?  With a pistachio loving dad, what could be better than having a pedestal for this savory seed?  Besides, having a place to place those shells before throwing them into a wastebasket is so useful.

Pistachio Pedestal

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2. Spending the day over a grill makes me want to salivate. Steaks put out the most delicious of fragrances when you put them on a hot grill.  And any good steak should be delicious with a little salt and pepper, and nothing else.  What better gift could you give the man in your life than providing them with a bevy of barbequeable delights?  With steak, steak burgers, franks, and fries, you will have your dad jumping for joy with this delectable gift.

Omaha Steaks

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3. I purchased my Amazon Echo dot this last Christmas, and now I do not know how I could have lived without one. It’s better than any alarm clock you will ever have.  Mine wakes me up at the time I want, with the weather forecast, the news, the commute time, and the song of my choice.  And I am barely even using all the amazing functionality this device has.  If you want an all-in-one purpose device, this is it, provided the idea of these companies knowing everything about you doesn’t scare you.  If it does, you may have to build yourself a time machine and find a whole other area where they won’t know you.  Of course, modern medicine might not exist, but what’s an antibiotic here and there for your freedom from intrusion?

Echo Dot

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4.  As every wife knows, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And for my stomach, I love to test the bounds of propriety with a good hot sauce.  I love attempting to make these delicious salsas at home and adding them to my favorite dishes.  They are a far better addition than what you will find at many a restaurant.  So why not be the great Dr. Frankenstein you wanted to be and create the amazing hot sauce monster.  Ok, maybe only your stomach will think of it that way.  But for the dad who loves good food, and loves to experiment, this might be the bee’s knees.  (Yes, I’m showing my age . . . if I were 104.)

Hot Sauce

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5.  Every dad needs a good shaving kit in their life. After going through years of disposable razors, bad aftershave lotion, and unworkable shaving cream, it’s always nice to find a high-end kit to make my face do what it’s supposed to: look like a man’s face.  So if your father or the man in your life could use a good shave, and appreciates the value of one, get them this amazing kit.

Shaving Kit

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6.  Some men get aroused from a gun, rifle or another explosive device. But if you ask me, give me a set of these knives any day to make my inner destructive self sing out loud.  Of course, I would only get violent on a good piece of meat, or maybe that potato chip bag which just won’t open for you.  But these are the coolest chef knives I have seen around.  And for the chef in me, I understand and appreciate the usefulness of a good knife around the kitchen.  If your dad is the chef of the family, he will appreciate this more than words can express.

Chef Knives

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7.  If getting your dad a strange and unique gift is your goal AND your dad wears glasses, you cannot go wrong with this eyeglass holder. Somehow, this makes me think of Easter Island.  And if might do the same for your dad as well.  So, it would make me laugh every time I put the glasses on the holder here.  And, as my daughter would tell you, anything which would remind me to put my glasses away in the same place every night would be a good thing.

Eye Glass Holder


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8.  If your dad loves sentiments (or cries every time he watches the Shawshank Redemption), getting him this what I love about dad book will make his heartbreak and his eyes flood gates open. While I love some of the meaningfulness of all these gifts, this book would bring me to tears.  And it’s a Father’s Day gift which I will cherish for the rest of my life.  So if you are tempted to by that ugly tie, consider this book you can edit with your own personal dad stories instead.  He will turn into a puddle before your very eyes.

What I Love About Dad Book

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9.  For the most part, I wanted to keep this a list of items 50 dollars and under. But I couldn’t resist this Father’s Day gift for the dad who loves music.  If you love a good sound system, Bose produces the highest end quality sound systems on the market.  I bought an earlier version of the Bose headphones and kept them for years.  I tried other headphones afterward, but nothing put me right next to the music the way the Bose headphones did.  So if you have a few extra bucks burning a hole in your wallet and your dad loves music, these headphones will make him go cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

Bose Headphones

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10.  For the beer-loving dad, you cannot go wrong with this nifty, inexpensive ode to beer drinking. It’s a laser engraved bottle keeper for the man who savors his beer slowly. If your dad drinks Bud Light, maybe it’s not worth it.  But if your man savors an IPA, Craft beer, or something similar, he might appreciate this bottle keeper.  And given you can engrave it, it makes the perfect personalized package.

Beer Bottle Holder

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11.  Another more expensive gift, this goes out to the giant fitness enthusiast dad. If your dad loves going on long walks, hikes, the gym, or any other physical activity more than a few times a week, getting him this gift would be right up his alley.  I know when I go to the gym, I had the hardest time with headphones staying put.  This helps you get a good workout and getting your music on at the same time.

Wireless Workout Headphones

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12.  It goes without saying I would recommend this book. Not only did I get the chance to review this book for an advance copy, but this book amazed me with all the beautiful stories of these amazing dads showing a little bit of their softer side.  Being dad is such an all-encompassing job, but it’s the most amazing job there is.  I cannot imagine life without my daughter.  This book shows you some other dads who feel the same way.

Life Of Dad Book

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13.  I have been listening to several podcasts which have advertised mancrates for years. In fact, I have seen them open them on the podcast once.  And while I admit I loved the humorous situation of them opening a gift with a crowbar, I didn’t think much about going there to get something until recently researching gifts for dads.  Go on to their website and you will inundated with so many amazing gifts for the dad in your life.  Here, I went with the grill set, but knife making kits, wooden games and a whole host of other delights await the dad who gets a gift from mancrates.

Mancrates Grill Master Box

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14.  If you have a youngster who wants to get their dads a cool gift which the dad will appreciate and the child will love, this is the one. Why that Shark song is such a popular tune, I cannot tell you.  But its infectious rhythm and upbeat music will have you toe-tapping along with your little toddler should you hear the music with them.  This shirt goes perfectly with the song and will infuse your thoughts with all kinds of memories of your child growing up.  I know I love having a connection with my daughter through these memories of shared experiences.  This shirt will do that for the dad in your life.

Daddy Shark T-Shirts

Father's Day Gifts - George Foreman Grill

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15.  One could ask how it could be raining in California all the way into Memorial Day weekend. Because of how rare the rain comes to California, this unseasonable weather seems to last forever.  But by the time you hit May, you think grill time if you are any kind of dad.  And having a grill as versatile as the weather is crazy would be the perfect gift.  I love the George Forman grills.  They do such a great job.  And having an Indoor / Outdoor electric one would make my grill master aspirations become a reality all year long.  Get this great gift for the grilling dad you have.

Indoor/Outdoor Grill

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16.  Is your dad a comedian? Does he tell the worst dad jokes ever?  Or does he just tell the worst jokes until he is gone and then you miss them?  Well if your dad is a jokester, and made you pull on his finger one too many times growing up, this is the perfect coffee cup for him.  Get him a Best Farter Forever Dad Cup.  He may look at you funny, but he will laugh and smile with every drop of joe which passes his lips.  No gift could go over better.

World’s Best Father (Farter) Coffee Cup

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17.  If the cup isn’t enough and you need to hear even more of those classic dad one-liners, get the book to help your dad tell it straight. Nothing will beat the World’s Greatest Collection of Dad Jokes book.  With more than 500 of the craziest puns imaginable, your dad will be rolling in stitches, and itching until the next time he can lay one on you.  Get a whole season of the pun with this amazing gift.

Dad Joke Book

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18.  Growing up, one of the biggest things I loved was collecting rocks and gemstones. So many beautiful colors found by digging a little in the dirt.  If your dad and I sound like we would get along, get him this set of amazing Coasters on Amazon.  Such beautiful blue dyed agate rounds you can put your cups on.  This gift will be appreciated long after the original give.  A sweet mixture of practicality and beauty, these coasters blow away the Father’s Day gift competition.

Agate Coasters

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19.  Another of the more expensive variety, this is for the dad chef who loves to make the most amazing pizza. It’s an outdoor gas pizza oven, giving your dad the leg up on any other dad in the neighborhood.  It’s small and compact and the perfect gift for the family who cannot get enough of the delicious Italian pie.  And who doesn’t love a good pizza?

Gas Pizza Oven

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20.  One of the things I miss most from my childhood were the camping trips we went on. Whether it was to Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, or simply camping out on the beach, I loved spending time out in the outdoors with my dad.  If the dad in your life is still young enough to appreciate those trips, getting him this campfire portable stove is perfect.  Whether roasting marshmallows, cooking up hot dogs, or inventing a new camping inspired dish, you cannot go wrong with this portable camp stove.  I know I would love it.  And it would incentivize me to take my daughter out for a camping trip right away.  And what’s better than Father/Daughter Time?

Campfire Portable Stove


Wrapping Things Up

Of course, these are but a few of the many Father’s Day Gifts out there to purchase for your dad.  Having a comprehensive list might take months and be the length of War and Peace.  But this should give you a leg up on the competition when it comes to ideas for Father’s Day.  While every dad may be unique, we all have things we enjoy doing.  These should go along with some of the things your dad loves to do.  I hope this list helps.  And tune in for the next couple of weeks as we at the Guide continue to celebrate fathers as well as pass on a hint or two about being a dad up until the Father’s Day Holiday.

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