Father’s Day Activities

5 Fun Father’s Day Activities to Try with Dad This Year

For the first superhero in your life who taught you so many important life lessons, there’s nobody that comes close.

Our fathers have a special place in our hearts and while they may not always express how much they love and care for us, there’s no doubt that they’ve always got our backs.

With Father’s Day approaching, make this day extra special for your dad with the best gifts and fun activities. Whether you give him a delicious Father’s Day chocolate subscription box or take him out camping and fishing or perhaps go for an adrenaline filled quad bike days out, there are several incredible ways to make this Father’s Day the best one yet.

If you’re looking for inspiration or ideas to plan the perfect day for your dad, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of fun Father’s Day activities for 2022 that are guaranteed a memorable time with your old man.

Let’s take a look!

1. A Fishing and Camping Trip

An overnight fishing and camping trip is something many people enjoy and if you think your dad will too, consider this for your Father’s Day activities. If this is something he’s already tried before, then planning this will be a lot easier. If not, well, there’s always the internet to help you!

From finding the right place that offers both facilities to get your equipment and camping gear ready, make sure to plan everything out beforehand. Whilst you can keep this as a surprise, if you want your dad’s input / help, you can plan the trip with him.

You both can then decide the place and plan the entire trip together. With the quality bonding time that the both of you spend together, you’re sure to build on some incredible memories.

2. Binge-Watch His Favourite Movies

Everybody has a list of favourite movies they wouldn’t mind watching multiple times. Whether it is the Jason Bourne series or everything to do with the Marvel cinematic universe, our dads too have their favourites that they enjoy immensely.

All you need to do is make a list of the movies he loves and narrow down the platforms on which they are available. While you don’t have to pack the entire day with movies, pick a few favourites that he loves the most.

Paired with the right snacks and your comfy sofa, your dad is sure to have a relaxing yet fun time with his favourite person.

3. Cook Him a Wholesome Brunch

Another great idea for your Father’s Day activities that he’s sure to love is a wholesome brunch made specially for him. A table full of his favourite food and drinks will be something he’s sure to love and when it’s handmade by one of his favourite people, it’s even better.

From waffles and fried chicken to a juicy burger and fries, put together a feast that includes all his favourite dishes of all time. You can ask your family members to pitch in and help you out if you have an epic brunch planned.

With this, make sure to write him a thoughtful Father’s Day card so that he remembers how special he is to you!

4. Host a Fun Family Game Night

Any activity that you try out with your family is always fun and when it’s something like a competitive game night, you’re guaranteed a few laughs, arguments and quality time together. This makes game night another great thing to do with dad for Father’s Day.

From classics like Monopoly to something different like Cluedo, there are several incredible games available for everyone to try out. Whether you choose a board game or something that involves trivia, you can plan a fun family game night with your dad’s favourite games.

5. Barbecue Together!

If your Father loves barbecuing, there’s no better way to spend Father’s Day with dad than by firing up the grill! Amazing food and great company is the recipe to a perfect day with those you love and your father is going to appreciate it as well.

You can get all the ingredients and equipment ready and set it up in your backyard or patio. You and your family can then take lessons from your dad as he grills burgers, meat or veggies or perhaps you can learn and do it for him – the choice is yours!

To Sum Up…

Make Father’s Day 2022 special for your dad by planning the perfect day with your dad. If you’re looking to go beyond the usual gourmet Father’s Day chocolates and cards, any of these ideas serve as the perfect thing to do with him.

While we’ve only listed a few things to do with dad on this special day, there are many more ideas for you to choose from that guarantee an incredible day with dad.