Extra-Curricular Activities for Kids

The Benefits of Extra-Curricular Activities for Kids

There are lots of reasons why parents should encourage their youngsters to pursue an extra-curricular activity. For starters, most hobbies teach children a range of transferrable skills that can benefit them on both a personal and professional level. A UK prep school have put together the following list of benefits for any parents who might be unsure about whether on not to encourage their child to pursue a hobby…

Improves Time Management Skills

Children who have piano lessons or football practise, or any other type of extra-curricular activity that falls outside of school hours, must learn how to juggle a busy schedule. They already have to find time for homework, chores, and socialisation, so adding a hobby into the mix will certainly test their time management skills. Fortunately, universities and employers look favourably on candidates who are able to demonstrate strong time management skills.

Teaches Commitment

There will be times when your child wants to give up on their hobby because they are only human, so it will be a chance for them to learn about the importance of commitment and perseverance. They will start to learn that hard work pays off in the long run, which is a lesson that will benefit them in lots of other areas of life.

Boosts Communication Skills 

Lots of hobbies are very sociable and require youngsters to work as part of a team. This is fantastic for their communication skills and gives them an opportunity to build strong relationships with likeminded individuals who share their interests.

Increases Confidence  

As your child develops various key skills and meets new people through their extra-curricular hobby, they will start to become increasingly more confident. This is great, because they will feel more comfortable in their own skin and have faith in their abilities. As such, they are more likely to take risks and solve problems independently.