Exercise as a Single Dad

How to Fit in More Exercise as a Single Dad

Being a single Dad is not easy. You will have so many responsibilities, and fitting exercise into your schedule is just not a priority. However, for your sake and the sake of your children, you should try and a little harder to become fitter. Being fitter comes with so many benefits. In relation to your children, you will have more energy, and you will be showing them a healthy lifestyle as well. You will also be healthier, so you should keep certain illnesses, such as diabetes, at bay. Not to mention the fact that exercise makes you look and feel happier, with a reduced stress level. Okay, so there is a strong argument for exercising that you are probably already aware of, so how can you fit more exercise into your busy life.

Create More Time

One of the first things you need to do to have the time to exercise is to create more of it. But how can you do this? Well, in most people’s lives there are certain things they can decline or refuse to do anymore. If someone wants a favor, or if any sort of event is happening and you would normally participate in setting it up, or even certain social events, you should decline and prioritize your health. There is nothing wrong with saying no once in a while. In fact, it is necessary for you not to be a people pleaser. If you have no time, say you’re sorry and refuse. Your health and the health of your children is more important. Another way to create more time is to cut down on the time you spend scrolling online or watching television. Take a look at your life and look at ways you can free yourself up. Not only will having more time benefit your workout regime, but you will have less stress and more time for your children.

At-Home Exercises

It’s not always that simple getting out to the gym, or even going out for a jog when you have small children. However, there are always ways you can get fit at home. Depending on the size of your home, you could buy some equipment such as a running machine or rowing machine. You can buy weight and do exercises to improve your upper body muscles. Also, think about things such as Yoga and Pilates. They may not seem very manly. However, they are great at-home exercises that you can do after the kids have gone to bed, or even while they are still awake, and they strengthen your core and other muscles too. A skipping rope is another great example of something that can be done quickly at home. If you have a garden, it doesn’t have to be large, just five minutes a day is enough to get the heart racing to reduce that belly fat. 

Turn Chores into Exercise Routines

We all have to dust, vacuum and mop, so why not make the most of this time. Turn on the tunes and turn these chores into little exercise routines. Perhaps you could do your lunges while vacuuming, for example. Maybe you could attach some weights to your arms and legs and make it just that little bit more difficult. If you can work hard and build up a sweat during these activities, you will be calorie-burning.

Your Commute

Is there any way you can turn your morning and evening commute into an exercise regime? Perhaps you could cycle to work, or even jog in. Most offices and workspaces have showers you can take advantage of, so you won’t have to be stinking over everyone. If you catch the train, perhaps you could jog to the station. If you have no other choice but the car, is there anywhere safe you could park near your workspace that allows you to get a walk into your day? 

Play with the Kids

A great way to do exercise is to play games with the children. It could be anything like chase, football, cricket, just generally messing about. You could take the children to parks and walks in the countryside, from which you all will benefit. Playing with the kids has many other benefits too, such as watching them grow and socialize. Discovering more about the way they interact, and learn rules, etc. Playing with the children is an essential thing that every parent must do. So, if you have managed to find more time, why not make the most of it and enjoy your free time playing with your children.