eco friendly family

5 impactful ways to be more eco-friendly as a family

We all know now more than ever the importance of reducing our footprint on the planet. We need to be encouraging the older generations and educating the younger generations too. It’s certainly a good thing that schools are doing their part in educating their pupils about the environment and having lessons relating to pollution in the seas.

However, at home we need to play our part too. We need to be having these discussions openly and encouraging everyone to take responsibility. Here are some of our top ways to be more eco-friendly as a family.

1. Recycle at home

It seems crazy to think back to a time when we didn’t recycle our waste at home but certainly when I was growing up there wasn’t any requirement to do so. As a family it is essential to get youngsters involved in segregating our waste and taking responsibility for doing so correctly. There are many clever recycling systems available to help with this.

2. Opt for less packaging

By taking your own containers to be refilled at a local sustainable eco shop you will most certainly be doing your bit for the environment. You can reduce packaging by shopping at farm shops where their produce is not wrapped in plastic. If you do need to package products you can choose to purchase bespoke packaging to protect the planet.

3. Shop local

There is a benefit to shopping local and supporting local businesses. Obviously when it comes to food if we can try to eat with the seasons and buy local produce we are reducing the need for food to travel thousands of miles by plane, truck or tanker.

4. Ditch the car

My children’s school actively encourage pupils and parents to walk, scoot or cycle. For those who live too far away they have suggested that people drive part of the journey to reduce emissions. They can then walk, scoot or cycle. It could be worth a car-share if your situation can accommodate one. The added bonus of this are the health benefits you and your family will get too.

5. Holiday in the UK

We are so fortunate that we live in such a beautiful part of the world. To reduce our carbon footprint it may be worth considering switching out the long-haul flights to something more local. Think about a more eco-friendly mode of transport to your destination such as the train. You can make it fun by booking a sleeper train which is bound to feel like a real adventure for the whole family!

Then also have a think about what sort of accommodation you might like. Perhaps giving camping a go could be a good option? You could even vow to have a technology-free holiday with your family. Now that would be an interesting challenge but could also be amazing too!?

When it comes to being more eco friendly, I think small steps are the key. You don’t have to be ‘all or nothing’ – introducing some of the methods we have mentioned above will not only help the environment but also show your children that you are trying to be responsible too…