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A Fashionista’s December To-Do List to Start Winter in Style 

Hey trendsetter and fashion enthusiasts! December is here and we are ready to show off our outfits on the snowy catwalks that this month has to offer. However, at the beginning of every season, any wardrobe needs a good cleaning and decluttering so that you won’t drag any unwanted pieces into the new year. To make sure that your style stays just as perfect as always, here are some things you must do in December to turn the streets into your personal runway. 


As much as we all hate parting ways with clothes, we need to face the reality and admit that some of the garments that we keep in our closets are only there for sentimental value or “just in case” something happened and you end up needing that exact dress. Well guess what, it has probably been three years since you bought it and you still didn’t find the right occasion to wear it, which means that it will definitely be better off in someone else’s closet. Make sure to declutter your wardrobe of the things that you haven’t worn in a while or the ones that don’t reflect your style anymore, so that you’ll have enough space for new and exciting pieces. 

Donate to Charities 

This advice is kind of a continuation of the previous one, but it is especially important to do good deeds during this time of the year, and donating to charities is one of those things. Select those garments that are in an almost perfect condition and are too good to be recycled and drop them off at a reliable local charity for other people to enjoy. This way, you’re killing two birds with one stone, as you’re cleaning out your closet while also helping those in need. 


Wearing the right accessories is crucial for keeping your outfits both warm and fashionable during wintertime, so don’t overlook the importance of gloves, hats, and scarves during this time of the year. For example, Irish knit hats are a perfect match for the winter season: thick, cozy, and insulating, they will ensure that you will be protected against the cold weather while also adding a unique charm to your outfit thanks to the intricate knit design. Such a hat can be found online at Gaelsong in a multitude of colors and it will top off any winter look in a stylish manner. 

Create an Ugly Christmas Sweater

Wearing an ugly Christmas sweater during the December holiday season is already a tradition, and this year you can challenge your creative skills by making such a sweater yourself. Take a basic cable knit jumper and add all sorts of personal touches like glitter, pompoms, or even LED lights to make it as ugly as possible. If you want to have a lot of fun when doing this, gather your friend or family members and organize a DIY session that will result in a fun and festive sweater to wear in December.

Set Style-Related Resolutions 

December is usually the month when we set New Year resolutions and get ourselves motivated for the new year and the amazing things that we’ll complete during the upcoming twelve months. To make your fashion journey more exciting, set resolutions related to style and the fashion world that you will have a lot of fun achieving. Whether you want to experiment with other garments, try out bolder colors, embrace sustainable fashion, or have a no-buy year, setting these goals will help make 2024 more intended and interesting for you.