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Exploring Creative Writing with Your Child

Creative writing isn’t just a skill needed to pass English, it can help your child to communicate themselves better and excel in other subjects when writing essays. It can have a range of health benefits too by helping to keep the brain’s grey matter sharp and by allowing for self-expression. We have teamed up with an independent girls school in Hertfordshire to share a few ways that you can explore creative writing with your child.


Reading is a stimulating activity that can help keep your child’s brain active and introduce them to lots of new words. This can aid their writing as a diverse range of vocabulary is needed to write creatively and effectively. Another way that reading can help is through SPAG. Your child will be able to learn the correct spellings for words, familiarise themselves with how to structure sentences properly and grammatically. Reading books can also demonstrate how to write a good plot and keep the reader hooked on.

Keeping a Diary

diary can act as a stress reliever for children by helping them to work through their emotions and reflect on their day. This daily act of writing can help your child to improve on their writing skills and become a better writer, helping them to perform better in school.

Song Writing

If your child is the musical type and they enjoy their music lessons, you can get them to write their own songs. Song writing involves creative writing to create catchy lyrics that rhyme and work. It can also be a great channel for self-exploration and can help them to discover a hidden talent.

Review Writing

Getting your child to channel their inner critic can help them to build on their creative writing skills as reviews require accurate depictions. This can be fun and a way to put their channel surfing to good use but doesn’t have to be limited to shows and what they watch on the big screen. They can review restaurants and other experiences too.