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The Importance of Community Involvement for Children

Community involvement is hugely beneficial for young people, because it allows them to develop a range of key skills and a sense of empathy for others. As a result, they should grow up to be more compassionate and caring. I have teamed up with a prep school in Surrey to explore the importance of community involvement in further detail below.

Provides a Sense of Identity

Community activities give children a chance to figure out what truly interests them and what they feel passionate about, which contributes to a stronger sense of self.

Puts Things Into Perspective

It can be difficult for children to understand the different types of struggles that people go through if they are not exposed to them. As a result, they might not realise how fortunate they are, not just in terms of material possessions but also in terms of their health, family, and home. By getting involved with community-based activities, such as raising money for Cancer Research UK or volunteering at a homeless shelter, your child will be able to put things into perspective and appreciate what they have, as well as empathising with others and being a more thoughtful individual. 

Teaches Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving is an important skill that children need to develop from an early age to ensure they equipped to handle life’s challenges as they grow up. Volunteer work, charity fundraising, or other community-based activities all provide children with opportunities to practise these skills and eventually become more confident and independent. 

Encourages Socialisation

When children are actively involved in the community, they are able to meet new people that they might not have otherwise crossed. This is great for their social skills and also allows them to develop a wider support network should they need a friend or someone to turn to.