Sometimes I sit down in front of my computer with an idea.  It’s a great and terrible idea I need to flesh out.  But with one idea and a wry sense of humor, words flow from my brain, throught my fingertips, and onto the computer screen.  (And no, I’m not describing a horror film there.)  I enjoy the process of inspiration.  My muse whispers to me the words to type.  My brain processes those signals and tells my fingers to type.  And finally, I birth a blog post.  It’s simply magic.  And then there are those other times.  I do not feel the magic.  Or I’m unclear with my ideas.  And I don’t have the spark within me.  This can be caused by a myriad of reasons.  Whether sickness, stress, fear, or whatever bothers me, my writing loses something in translation.  Today, I sit here experiencing one of those moments.

When I talk about having one thing throw me off, It’s true.  Sometimes, it’s more than one thing.  And the world becomes a bit overwhelming at the moment.  People start talking to you, and it’s as if you are hearing a monologue from Charlie Brown’s teacher.  You swear they are saying something.  But you can’t tell what.  In those moment, you start to think about things.  Sometimes you cannot stop thinking about things, and your mind races.  If only you could translate them onto the page, you would have a never ending source of things to write about.  For me, I try to focus my thoughts into something constructive.  And so I started to think about things for which I wish.

I have spent the last couple of months being thankful for things.  And I am truly thankful for them.  But at this moment, right before Christmas, I started to think about things I desire.  It’s not an exercise in envy.  And it’s certainly not an exercise in early New Year’s resolution making.  The truth is, sometimes we cannot make it on our own.  We need the help of others to get through things.  I know I am in one of those moments now.  But to get the help we need, we need to be directional about it.  If you need a job, you do not sit around at home waiting for someone to give it to you.  It could happen.  But I doubt it.  You have to go out and apply, research, and network with people.

And ultimately, you have to have a vision for the things you do want to happen to you.  That doesn’t mean the vision will turn out exactly the way you want it.  I am all for positive thinking but I am not sure it translates into positive outcomes all the time.  But without the vision for what you want, you will never know if you achieved anything.  So these wishes are my vision thing.  And this post translates that vision into some form of reality, and even something I can keep myself accountable for.  If this post inspires someone else to do the same, all the better.

My Ten Christmas Wishes And Beyond

1)  I Wish To Connect More With My Dad

I know that my dad will not always be here.  Given his heart surgery this week, I am keenly aware of the small amount of time we have left together.  I just want to be able to tell my dad that I love him.  I want him to know I appreciate all of the things he did for us and our family.  And ultimately, I want to feel like we bonded in a deeper way somehow.  I am not sure what that looks like, but I know what it feels like.

2)  I Wish For My Blog To Grow And Hit The Million Views Mark

Sometimes I don’t know what a succesful blog should look like one year in to be honest.  One part of me sees the people who have had their work go viral and believes that I should expect that at some point.  Some people go out there and talk about how they got 5,000 followers in Facebook in two weeks.  Of course they neglect to tell you that they started with a million followers and so 5,000 is really just a drop in the bucket for them.  Or they transfered a whole other subscriber list and that shot up their views on their “new” facebook page.  I realize I need to be reasonable about what growth looks like.  But I do have a feeling what it should look like.  And steady growth I can see reaching there at some point next year.  Who knows?  Maybe I have a post go viral in two months and I hit it then.

3)  I Wish To Deepen The Relationships With My Blogging Friends This Year

I have begun to make a lot of new friendships this year with people in the blogging community.  And I know each and every one of you gets super busy with your own work.  I get this.  It can definitely be overwhelming at times.  But what inspires me is seeing the work that you all do, putting yourself out there time and again and being vulnerable.  It’s knowing that some of you spend endless hours through the night trying to get that picture to look just right.  I know I have a lot to learn from all of you.  But I don’t just admire you like a co-worker.  You have gone above and beyond.  I appreciate those of you who have shown kindness to me and helped me to get better in my blogging and networking skills.  Either you have set me up with people or have encouraged me to write them.

And then you have cared for me and my family.  Whether this has meant asking me about my daughter, keeping track of what’s going on with my dad, or just touching base with me and seeing how I’m doing.  It’s meant a lot to me.  I would love to build on that and get to know you more.  I’m sorry if I am a putz and have not always remembered to ask something or something has skipped my mind.  It has been crazy of late.  But you are all very important to me and have helped me in my growth, not only as a blogger, but as a person.  I want to give a shout out to you: Brandi, Cynthia, Elizabeth, Ana, Alison, Sondra, and Chris.  And I want you to know I am here for you as well, whenever you need me, and however I can help.  May you all have a blessed year and be blessed to be around people like those I mentioned.

4) I Wish My Daughter To Make A Successful Transition At School

My Daughter turned eleven this last year, which is an important transition, not just because the amp in Spinal Tap goes up to eleven.  While the amp may be significant in a cultural context (or not), eleven for my daughter means her last year at elementary school and a transition into junior high.  I know I have my own set of fears.  And Thirteen Reasons Why probably scared the crap out of me in an unreasonable way.  But there will be many changes no matter what happens.  What this looks like, and where we go from here will make a ton of difference.  I just want my daughter to thrive in whatever may befall her.

5)  I Wish To Network Better In The Future

While I may be ok with one to one friendships, the going out there all the time and making contacts and using those contacts to help you in your future can become exhausting.  But if you want to be successful, you have to do it.  If opportunities fall in my lap, great.  But I don’t want to be that guy sitting with Lays potato chips on his chest, in a recliner, playing video games.  I don’t care how comfortable that recliner is.  So I need to get off my butt and do things to succeed.

6)  I Wish To Get Back To Regular Gym Time

I had a crazy couple of months in all honesty.  Some of my loss of gym time has resulted from that.  Some of it has resulted from my own laziness as well.  It’s like once you stop, for whatever reason you stop, it’s hard to get back to it.  Well I am now making the goal of getting back to doing it four times a week.  It’s gotta start with one day at a time though.  So here I am.  I need to get back to that one day at a time.

7)  I Wish To Have A Completed Media Kit For My Blog

Maybe this is slightly unfair as creating a Media Kit does really require some kind of a wish.  I mean, it’s just about going out there and doing those things.  But sometimes doing those things requires the vision and drive beforehand to do them.  And so it’s something I need to get done.  Although it will require work, perserverance and an understanding of what other people do with them to help me create my own.  So yeah, good times ahead.

8)  I Wish To Stay Present More Often

So many times my mind has been off somewhere else this year.  Sometimes this happens because of legitimate reasons.  Sometimes it just happens.  I think this year far too often it happened without any particular reason.  This means I need to find a way to focus more.  Whether that means taking a yoga class, practicing my medition or whatever, I need to stay present more.  I especially need to stay present when it comes to my daughter.  I have such little time left with her until she wants to run off and do her own thing.

9)  I Wish For Financial Success

Sure, it could be easy to wish to win the lottery and make everything financially easy, all at the same time.  But this won’t happen.  Not playing the lottery might have something to do with this.  But I don’t think I would appreciate the money the same way if I didn’t earn it.  Which means I need to dedicate myself to doing the things to make me more financially successful.  I will have to grow my blog.  I will have to work on my interviewing skills an practice my pitches.  And I will need to put myself out there more.

10)  I Wish For Health, Happiness, And Success (However You Define It) For Each Of You

This year has been a whirlwind of an adventure.  But I wouldn’t be here without all of you who have taken the time to be part of my adventure.  You have laughed with me, encouraged me, and been a little part of the small success this blog has been up to now.  My life would be very different right now had you not been there for me.  Thanks for that.  And as such, I wish for success, health, and happiness to all of you and yours.  You deserve it.  Whether this means winning the lottery, or taking that vacation you have needed for the past three years, I wish for you to become so much more than you are now.  Because you deserve that.  Have a wonderful Christmas this year, and an incredible 2018.

Continue The Conversation

So what are your christmas wishes this year?  I know I must have been asked a million times what things I would want for Christmas. But I have come to the conclusion that things are ultimately empty.  I don’t want things.  I want people in my lives who bring meaning.  And I want family to enjoy and be around.  Finally, I want adventure and experiences that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.  That flatscreen TV will be gone in an instant.  But everything else can last a liftetime if you care for an nurture it.  So what would you want for yourself in the coming year?  What would bring your year greater meaning?  And if you want to develop your friendship with me more than commenting on my blogs or facebook posts, be sure to shoot me a line.  I would love to get to know more about you.  I cannot tell you how appreciative I am for the opportunity.

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Until next time, this is me signing off

David Elliott, Single Dad’s Guide to Life