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What to Consider When Choosing a School for Your Child

Collaborative Post

Choosing the right school for your child comes with a lot to think about. The level of care and support that they will receive, the facilities that they will have available to them and of course – whether they themselves approve. We have teamed up with a private school in Oxfordshire to give you this guide that aims to help you in your school hunting journey. 


The Good Schools Guide is an example of a classic and trustworthy school review site where actual parents can leave their feedback regarding the experiences that they have had. You can use these for an honest, unbiased insight and draw up your own conclusions.

Open Days

One way to judge whether the environment is right for your child is to take them along to an open day. There, you will be able to look into the facilities while you both assess the overall atmosphere. If they do happen to like the school, they’ll be familiar with it and their teachers when they start. You’ll be able to speak with them and learn what you wouldn’t necessarily be able to online.

Your Gut

Whether it’s a niggle or an overwhelming feeling, it shouldn’t be ignored. If you have your reservations about sending your child to a particular school but don’t quite know why, you should listen to your gut as there may be something that you’re on to. Ultimately, it’s a decision that you will have to live with for the next 7 years so it should be one that you’re happy with.


A school may tick all the boxes but is it accessible? As simple as it sounds, if a school is impossible to get to in the morning (due to traffic, bus connections etc) it may cause issues later down the road. They may feel drained even before reaching the school gates and their poor punctuality may affect their performance negatively.