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How to identify your child’s learning style

It is important to note that every child learns in their own way. This means that there actually isn’t a one size fits all solution to helping students learn, with conventional classroom settings not always being ideal for education. However, whilst this cannot be avoided, there are things you can do to help your child work on their approach to learning, as well as their individual learning style. There are 3 primary learning styles to be aware of: visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. The good news is, you can identify your child’s learning style from early on, giving them a better chance of having a great academic experience. Read on to find out how to identify your child’s learning style, as advised by this sixth form in Surrey. 

Kinaesthetic learners

These learners are physical and can be identified through their strengths in sports or dance. They usually have a very strong sense of balance and learn best by touching and taking a hands-on approach. For example, you may notice these learners using their fingers to count or including a lot of hand gestures when they talk. A couple signs that your child may be a kinaesthetic learner is that they have a tendency to fidget a lot when sat in one space and show signs of early physical development. 

Auditory learners

Auditory learners understand and process information best through sound. They are usually quite musical and show interest when it comes to singing and playing instruments. They tend to be very good listeners and have the capability to verbally communicate. If your child has a sharp ability to notice sounds that others don’t or the tendency to sing along to songs, it is possible that your child’s learning style is auditory. 

Visual learners

Visual learners are very observant of the space around them and are particularly fond of art and illustrations in books. They also tend to enjoy screens, be it movies or tv shows, where they can extract and retain information. A simple way to identify a visual learner is by observing their imagination and sense of direction.