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Genius Ways To Display Your Child’s Artwork In Your Home

If your little ones are anything like mine, then they create artwork thick and fast. Sometimes it can seem as if there is so much artwork worthy of display in the home, that the biggest problem we have is where to put it. The good news is there are plenty of clever ways to display your kid’s art that isn’t just sticking it to the fridge with a magnet. Read on to find out what they are. 

Creative collage 

Another great way to display your kid’s artwork around the home is to create a collage. Indeed, you can get a very professional-looking piece of artwork from this method that will look more at home on your living room wall than it would on your kitchen fridge. 

To start you will need a large frame, around A3 should do as well as a thick piece of card of the same size. Then you need to take a paper punch of whatever shape you like, often just a simple circle will work well and then take a punch out each sheet of your child’s artwork. Try and get the punch over the areas that have the most colour or texture to make sure it’s interesting. Then you can arrange all the circles in rows, or even in a more complicated design on the A3 card. 

Once you have a design you like, stick the paper punch shapes down with glue and place the card in the frame. You can then display your kid’s abstract masterpiece in any room in your home. 

Gallery wall 

In addition to making a single piece of art from multiple pictures your kids have drawn, you may also like to create a gallery wall of their drawings. Gallery walls usually consist of an arrangement of multiple pictures, frames, and different sizes, and they can jazz up a plain wall or an area where there is not much going on. 

One of the most important things to consider when creating a gallery wall is the frames you choose. Ideally, all the frames should match in colour and style to bring unity to the overall display. In particular acrylic frames like the ones from Luminati Frames can work well for this task. This is because all the focus is then on your child’s artwork, so it gets to shine and be the main attraction. 

Display bar

This one is super fun. All you need is a curtain rail and some wall fittings along with matching curtain clip rings. Fix the curtain rail to the wall in a horizontal position and add the rings before securing the other end. Then you can get your kids to use the clip on the rings to hang their latest artwork. Simple, looks great and it’s fun too! 

Clipboard gallery 

Finally, an easy way to have an ever-changing gallery of your kid’s art in your home is to fix 4 or 6 clipboards to your wall. This will allow you to add and remove art pieces as they are made, or if you feel like changing things up. All without having to remove the clipboard from the wall.