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Helping Your Child Choose their A Levels

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A Levels can be a tricky time for children, especially when they’re working on such a jump to the next level in their progression. A Levels are the most straightforward way of seeing your child progress to the next level, which is why many students opt to follow this route. In helping your child with their A Level choices, your child has a better chance to manage their expectations.

In this guide from a boarding school in Cambridge, we take a look at the ways you can help your child choose the right subjects for their future development.

Start by picking out the subjects they enjoy

Your child may or may not have a general idea of what they want to study in University, but it pays well to consider the subjects your child genuinely enjoys. In picking subjects they know and love it makes for an easier time when it comes to revision and further studies. Usually the subjects your child enjoys the most will be the ones they want to pursue further at A Level or through to Higher Education.

Your child’s particular grades

At the end of your child’s time studying for their GCSEs, they will receive their exam results in August. At that point your child will have already picked out their potential A Level subjects. It’s important to remember that your child will need to achieve decent grades to get through to the next level. If your child is dead set on a certain subject to study at A Level then they will need to spend time revising and working hard.

The subjects they need for University

While your child may want to study Art at University they may also need an English A Level to help them with their writing, analysis and support. It will also bump up your child’s overall points when it comes to applying for specific courses – giving them the best chance at studying the subject they want at their chosen College.