Child Become More Confident

Top Tips for Helping Your Child Become More Confident

Confidence allows children to believe in their abilities, try new things and challenge themselves and a lack of it can hold your child back from achieving their full potential. We have teamed up with an independent nursery in Harpenden to share a few tips on how to help your child become confident.


Getting your child to love and accept their flaws can help them to feel less insecure and own their identity with confidence. You can do this by reminding your child of how beautiful, unique and awesome they are. Having this confidence and knowing how special they are can help them to resist peer pressure and the need to fit in.

Edge Them Out of Their Comfort Zone

Confidence comes from proof and reassurance. If there’s something that your child wants to do, whether it be competing in a race or taking a lead role in a school play, proof that they are capable can give them confidence. To help them believe in their ability, try pushing them out of their comfort zone so that they can achieve similar, smaller goals. This could involve putting on a performance for friends and family members in your back garden.

Finding a Hobby

A hobby can help your child to explore their self-identity and allow them to develop an understanding of who they are. By doing so, they can also form friendships with other like-minded children and develop a sense of belonging. This can help to bring about their confidence and self-esteem knowing that there is a place in the world where they belong.

Be a Self-Confident Role Model

Modelling confidence will encourage your child to think about themselves in a more positive light and will help them to believe in themselves too. You can do this by verbalising how you speak to yourself kindly and by taking challenges in your stride.