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Wistful Wednesday: Couple Life Vs. Single Life (For The Single Parent)

Some things in the world scare me. Whether this is a terror at the prospect of dying or worrying about the loss of one of the most significant relationships in... Read More

The Single Person’s Guide to Dating – Five Free Dating Site/App Reviews

The world has changed rapidly in the last 20 years.  Between the internet, social media, smart phones, new media and various streaming services, the landscape of communication in society today... Read More

Inspired By Love – Poetry By David Elliott

OK!  I know what you are thinking.  David lost his mind somewhere between here and the last train stop.  Living life can be hectic.  He told us that he made... Read More

Top Ten “Red Flags” for Single Parent Dating

Single Parent life and “Divorced Parent” life, which is just single parent life with baggage, alimony, and a never ending feeling like someone is haunting you, can be difficult even... Read More