Cardiac Arrest

What is Cardiac Arrest and How is it Different from Heart Attacks?

It is estimated that more people die from heart and heart-related problems than any other disease in the world. More men than women are affected by heart-related disorders and even kids are not to be spared these days. 

The problem lies in the lifestyle that we lead and can be attributed to many factors including poor diet, lifestyle habits, and even genetic factors. 

To stay disease-free and be one step ahead of heart problems, one should refer to a cardiologist at the best heart hospital in Kolkata. There are many good cardiologists in India and seeking help from the beginning can help in staying ahead in the heart health game.

Heart Attacks

The most common issues when it comes to heart problems are heart attacks and cardiac arrests. These two terms are most often used interchangeably but they have distinct meanings and forms and always require urgent care. 

A heart attack builds up over a period of time. The symptoms may start small but there is enough time to seek help. A cardiac arrest on the other hand may come unexpectedly as the heart goes into limbo and needs immediate medical attention. 

Heart attacks are more common than cardiac arrests in most men and women. Heart attacks are the leading cause of death amongst the 45 to 60 age groups. Heart attacks happen when there is a buildup of fat in the artery that leads to the heart. 

This makes the arteries thick and incapable of carrying enough blood to the various sections of the heart. When there is no blood reaching the heart, the heart goes into heart attack mode with shooting pains on the left arm and sudden collapse of the patient. 

The symptoms of heart attack build over a period of time and usually take a few hours. The blocking of the artery takes several months to become enough to clog the artery and lead to a heart attack. 

A regular check-up at a  respected hospital can help the patient in staying ahead and take precautions to avoid this grave danger and invaluable pieces of technology such as a watchman device can reduce the risks too.

Cardiac Arrests 

Cardiac arrests are more unexpected and quick to occur to patients who are unaware of the situation. Any type of electrical disturbance, electrical malfunction, or arrhythmia can trigger the heart to go into a sudden panic and stop functioning immediately. 

This state is referred to as cardiac arrest. A cardiac arrest results in the heart becoming completely non-functional and is unable to pump blood to the brain and important organs of the body. 

A cardiac arrest comes suddenly and there is seldom any time to react therefore immediate CPR and medical attention is required to help the patient. If not for that, cardiac arrest can be fatal to the patient. A person suffering from a heart attack may go into sudden cardiac arrest also. Sudden cardiac arrest can be fatal if not for proper treatment and immediate medical attention. 

Prevention and Care

Taking good care of one’s self with proper diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle habits can help in taking good care of the heart. Staying as stress-free as possible with plenty of regular exercise and eating a well-balanced diet can pave the right direction for a healthy heart. Early medical checks from the age of 35 can help keep a check on the heart.