Capturing Key Memories

Capturing Key Memories With Your Little Ones

We love forming memories with our little ones. Birthday parties. First day at school. Quality time with family and friends. The list goes on. Of course, our memories can dull with time and you’ll want to show your kids what they were up to when they were little once they grow up. This is where pictures and videos can come into play. The good news is that there are plenty of different options out there when it comes to capturing quality memories with your children. Here are a few that you might like to take into consideration and try out yourself!

Phone Cameras

Perhaps the most simple and straightforward way to capture memories with your little ones nowadays is by using your smartphone. We’re living in a tech generation where the vast majority of us now have smartphones, allowing us to carry a small camera around with us on a day to day basis. We can pull out our smartphones to capture moments as and when they happen – staged or candid. Little one taking their first steps? Chances are, your phone is nearby and can be pulled out to create a reminder of this moment. Whatever moment strikes, your smartphone camera will likely be there to record the memories. Of course, different phones have different camera qualities and features. So, take some time to compare the different ones available to you. Some phones place a lot of focus on the camera quality, some are a lower cost option with a lower cost camera to match. Compare specs and see what suits your budget and your needs.

Digital Cameras

If you’re looking for even more professional looking or quality images, you may want to invest in a digital camera. These cameras vary in quality, but chances are, you’ll be looking for a DSLR. These types of cameras can produce great quality shots and tend to have the option of switching out lenses, allowing you to add lenses that are great for macro shots, long distance shots with a good zoom and more. They tend to contain memory cards that then store your pictures and allow you to transfer them to computer or other devices. You need to make sure you have enough memory for the images you’re planning to take or transfer, so choose a high capacity memory card and use a few tricks to free up disk space. Of course, digital cameras can be difficult for beginners to use, as you may be unfamilair with basic photography terms, skills and practices. The good news is that there are plenty of completely free video tutorials, blogs and other resources out there that you can make use of to learn the skills you need. Whether that’s tips for taking photos or tips for editing them once you’ve taken them. Make sure to also invest in good options for taking your camera out and about with you. They can be larger and more cumbersome than a smartphone, which can simply slip into your pocket, so you may find that you benefit from straps and carry cases.

Film Cameras

Want to go more old school? You may want to try out using a film camera. Film cameras use physical film to take pictures and this can then be developed using a third party developer or you may even want to go all out and learn how to develop your own film at home yourself. People tend to like film for its traditional look and feel, as well as the excitement of the unknown – you generally don’t know what your captured images will look like until the film is developed. Of course, this isn’t the most practical way to capture images, but it can become more of a hobby, with you learning new skills and gradually improving your photography to create great images each and every time. Bear in mind that film photography can be more costly than the other options mentioned above too. Not only do you have the initial cost of the camera, but film doesn’t tend to come cheap nowadays and then you have to pay for developing costs too. For many, however, this is a rewarding practice that produces stunning results on many occasions. If you want film images, but less of the hassle, there are other options available too. You can try Polaroid cameras, which have come back into fashion, making modern Polaroid cameras and film more accessible and affordable. There’s also the option of disposable cameras.

Each of these options can help you on your journey to capturing brilliant images of your family over the years. Start building memories now!