camping with the kids

4 Tips For A Successful Camping Trip With The Kids

Camping might not be everyone’s idea of a perfect holiday, especially when you have your kids to organize as well as yourself, however, camping can provide a very valuable bonding opportunity and is a great way to have fun on a budget. Here are the four best tips on how to make camping with your kids successful.

1. Stay Warm and Dry

Staying warm and dry is not only important for you and your child’s health but it will also prevent too many complaints since everyone will be much more willing to participate in activities and have fun once they are comfortable. Although it may sound like simple advice, keeping warm and dry on a camping trip is not as easy as it sounds. You might not feel the warmth of an insulated room for a few days since all you have to shelter in is a tent. This means that you need to be prepared with plenty of warm and waterproof layers to remain adaptable to all weather forecasts, and don’t forget the portable stove for a cup of hot cocoa in the evening! 

Also have a proper think about where you are sleeping. If you decide to go for a traditional tent, you’ll need to ensure you have a leak free groundsheet, tons of blankets and try to over estimate how cold you’ll be as believe me, camping can get cold. Or perhaps glamping or hiring a vehicle from Cozy Campers might be a better option? Personally I prefer alternatives to an actual tent but I know everyone is different…

2. Bring Plenty of Food

There’s no such thing as any vacation without a tonne of food to indulge in and camping should be no exception. While you and your family are outdoors and enjoying getting closer to nature, those bellies are going to get rumbling pretty soon, especially if you’ve got lots of exciting activities planned. Have meals planned for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day but also ensure that you have as many non-perishable snacks as you can to fit in your backpack.

3. Choose a Good Camp Site

Before you book your vacation, ensure that all of your research about the campsite has been done. You will need to check what facilities there are, the location, and even the rules for making bonfires and taking pets. Another great question to have in mind is whether there are any activities to participate in around the area since this will help to keep the kids entertained for longer. Furthermore, once you arrive at your chosen site, remember to pick a good spot to pitch your tent where the ground is flat, dry, and not too crowded. 

4. Be Well Equipped

Having all of the most up-to-date camping gear isn’t always necessary, however, there are a few essentials that you should remember to bring with you. You’ll need a good quality torch, some dry bags for all of your clothes, and waterproof pouches and power banks for your electronic gadgets from an outdoor gear shop like most important piece of kit, however, will be sleeping bags for your whole family. These should be season-appropriate and with a non-slip or cotton lining to ensure that your little ones stay warm and dry throughout the night. 

Camping with the kids is a great bonding experience where you can enjoy a whole host of fun activities that you wouldn’t usually find yourself doing at home, so follow these tips and give it a go.