helping your child become a better problem solver

Helping Your Child Become a Better Problem Solver

This is a collaborative post.

Navigating problems is a core foundation in life. It teaches us to be better people in managing life responsibilities as well as knowing what we can do when an issue arises, how we can overcome it and move on.

In this guide from a pre prep school in Buckinghamshire we look at some top tips to help your child to be a better problem solver for life.

Let your child take the lead

Give your child the chance to be in charge of what their next few hours could play out like. You could give your child the chance to think of some activities to do on a rainy day for example, or let them work out how to fix their problem scooter. Things like this can help your child think logically about the best solutions, and also learn that turning to you for answers is a great way to build their skills.

Pause and wait

While it’s tempting to spoon feed your child through their issues, the best way is to actually let them figure things out for themselves where you can. When your child is very young they’ll be prone to falling over or making a mess. Pause and see how they react, they may feel fine afterwards, or they may look to you for support. Encourage your child to slowly figure it out for themselves without your intervention for a little while. If you feel like they are struggling, then give them a slight nudge in the right direction.

Let your child make mistakes

We all make mistakes in our lifetime, so show your child early on how they can manage them. Mistakes are a part of developing problem solving skills that will help your child understand their expectations, as well as teaching them that not every problem will be solved instantly. It’s all about how your child can work with what they have in front of them.