Using Artificial Intelligence to ensure the best customer service possible in your business

Using Artificial Intelligence to ensure the best customer service possible in your business

Reliance on good customer service is still at the heart of all business and it’s hard to grow and expand without this. These days there are so many ways for people to know exactly how good your product and customer services are. These are often a factor in whether you should be spending your money with a company. It may have seemed impossible a decade or so ago but now we are increasingly seeing artificial intelligence and machine learning improving businesses.

It’s super smart technology in use here, often ensuring that any defective products are identified prior to being sent out to customers. These machine vision systems are being used all over the world in automated production processes for quality control, inspection, guidance, identification, measurement, tracking and counting. This makes a difference whether the item is an electrical gadget common place in most homes or businesses or whether we are talking about a brand-new car.

Technology aids businesses in so many ways already, from the simple auto-reply on your email to automated sales records. When your business requires hundreds, if not thousands of individual components to come together to create a final product, technological advances really come into their own. Take a look at the automotive, engineering and associated industries for example. There is a genuine need for inspection products as we cannot practically rely on the human eye to identify and check each aspect of automotive manufacture and assembly, not to mention how time consuming that is. There are some of the most innovative and advanced automotive vision systems for each part of the process.

For example, Sub-Assembly Vision Inspection; this piece of fully automated complete sub-assembly inspection and conformance checking cells provides 100% quality control checks using machine vision. This is specifically for the inspection of large assemblies and component parts such as engines, chassis, headlights, grills, bumpers, supports, beams, rails, tailgates, seats, trim, cab and electronic assemblies. This can pick out surface imperfections, missing parts, gross defects etc. Basically it can massively help to ensure that your customers receive the best quality products and that anything with issues is weeded out.

Companies using artificial intelligence on a regular basis report multiple benefits including improved speeds of the business and improved monitoring and recording of real time data. When it comes to business, our motto of ‘nothing changes if nothing changes’ really rings through and this can be very much relevant when it comes to AI too.

Whether you are based in London, New York or elsewhere around the world, the efficiency and productivity gains are so great that it drives business growth and transformation. The time saved with using automated equipment gives companies an advantage by freeing up human time which can then be spent on other activities to help the business grow.

In a world where reputation can make or break a business AI certainly has a very important place.

What are your thoughts on using artificial intelligence? Is it important to you and your business? If you have any tips you would like to share too, please do let us know as we can share this with the readers too. Thank you as always for reading!