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Best bedroom décor ideas for boys

I think we all love to give our children’s rooms a makeover. Whether it’s just an attempt to get the toys under control by having more storage or it’s a bigger overhaul it’s still super satisfying. It can be tricky to get the balance right between embracing something they currently like to use for a theme and choosing something that won’t date too quickly and leave you and them wishing you’d chosen something different. It’s something that should be developed over a few weeks rather than on a whim one rainy day! Here are our best bedroom décor ideas for boys.

1. What’s your theme?

A theme doesn’t mean that you need to go all out with a football club colour scheme or Paw Patrol (depending on the age of your child), you could keep it simpler by choosing a few colours to run through the room instead. I’ve recently decorated a bedroom using white blue and grey. It’s lush! I love how the colours look together, it’s really fresh.

2. Furniture for fun!

Think about how you can jazz the furniture up with some new furniture, especially pieces that can really fit the room well. You could go down the flatpack route or perhaps you could look at getting something bespoke? Consider custom cabinets Dallas if you want to make the most of your space. This can be a wonderful storage solution.

3. Awesome artwork

Introducing some art prints into the room can be a great way to add some interest. Whether you want something to reflect what your child already likes or you would like something inspirational there are so many amazing prints to consider.

4. Stick stick stick!

If your child does have an interest but you’d rather not have to do a full-on bedroom overhaul why not consider purchasing stickers. There are some wonderful companies specialising in gorgeous high quality stickers for everything from walls, furniture and windows. If you want something that is easy to change up then I would advise this. In one of my children’s bedrooms I recently painted one wall in a really dark blue colour, and matched a blind in on that wall too. I then added a gorgeous sticker of a bear, the moon, constellations and some sliver birch tree trunks. It is one of my favourite rooms.

5. Softly softly…

Another great way of introducing some interest for your child is in the soft furnishings you use such as curtains, duvet covers and pillows. Perhaps add a co-ordinated beanbag in a corner, together with some book storage to create a special chill out area or reading nook. You can opt for contemporary or old or a combination of the two!

6. Lovely lighting

Don’t forget to consider how lighting can affect a room. It might be time to invest in a new reading lamp or to think about adding a dimmer switch to the main light for a softer glow.

I hope you found these suggestions useful? I would love to know if you have any ideas you think would be worth mentioning too. Please do comment below – the more the merrier!