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Helping Your Child Become More Independent

It can be difficult for parents to see their children growing up and no longer needing them, but this is absolutely crucial for their development. An independent child is one who believes in their abilities and can tackle life’s challenges without relying on others. Parents can help encourage independence using the following advice from an international school in Hertfordshire.

Let Your Child Do Things On their Own

Often its easier to jump in and do things for or with your child to save time or stress, but always being there to save the day will not help your child with their independence. So, try and give them some space to do things on their own. In the morning, for example, you should let your child figure out how to dress themselves without your help. This might take a little longer than you’d like so be sure to set your alarm a little earlier. Praise them for their efforts, even if they do their buttons up incorrectly or struggle with their shoelaces.

Give Your Child Responsibilities

By giving your child a list of chores that are solely their responsibility, you are sending a message that you trust them and rely on their help. This will give them a confidence boost and will allow them to practise important life skills, like putting a wash on or hoovering their bedroom. They might be reluctant to complete their chores and throw a couple of tantrums, but it will benefit them in the long run and teach them how to run a household.

Ask Your Child for their Opinion

Forming their own opinions and ideas is a critical element of becoming independent. If your child isn’t able to make choices without you or come to conclusions about certain things, they will struggle to become their own person. So, ask them what they would like for dinner or what movie they want to watch. Ask them why they feel a certain way about something. Let them know that their opinions and choices are perfectly valid.