hunt for an awesome apartment

4 things to do before starting your hunt for an awesome apartment

Looking for somewhere new to live is really exciting. There is so much to look forward to; a new area, new amenities, new restaurants to visit and furnishings to consider. This is a chance for a new start and a reinvention of how you live if you so wish.

1. Budget

Considering your budget is vital. If you’ve not done it yet, it really is sensible to think about every single debit from your bank account each month. You’ll want to include all regular payments for utilities, insurance, pension contributions and items like your phone bill, Netflix and internet charges. This will give you the best chance to establish what you can afford to spend on rent for your new apartment. If you’re unsure how much you spend on irregular payments and items such as food and transport costs, try keeping your receipts for a month or two and tally them up. This will be a good exercise to see if you can be more accountable for spending on non-essentials.

2. Get ahead

With competition high in places such as Los Angeles and other cities around the world you need to work out a plan to get ahead of the game. An online apartment search resource such as Zumper will be your best bet. You can input your filters and request a notification any time an apartment matching your criteria is advertised. Zumper even allow you to submit digital rental applications and credit reports.

3. Research the location that works for you

Taking the time to visit all the potential areas that lie within the locations you’ve identified as possible places to live will help you to narrow down your search. You’ll want to take a look at potential streets to consider if they feel right for you and if they fit within your budget – whether you are looking for cheap apartments or something more luxury.

Think about what you want, whether you’d prefer somewhere busy and bustling or somewhere quiet and tranquil. Are there enough amenities to meet your requirements.

4. Distance

Work out the maximum distance from your work or university you are prepared to travel and stick to it. Travel time eats into your day and can have a big impact on what else you get to do with your life. It’s better not to push it out too far, even if it means that you might get something bigger for the same money. It’s about the quality of your life and it’s not a great one to compromise on.

I hope you found this blog post useful? Choosing the right apartment is so important. Especially with so many of us working flexibly and spending more time at home, we really want to ensure that we make the right choice that works for you. As mentioned above, distance is absolutely key as well as making sure it is all within budget too.

Also try to go with your guy instinct. Does it make you excited? Would the prospect of returning home to a certain apartment make you happy? Take your time, choose carefully, go with your gut and you’ll be fine! If you have picked up any tips along the way too, please do let us know in the comments below?