Artwork For Your Home

4 Tips For Selecting Artwork For Your Home

The UK is an art-loving nation, evident by its many renowned art galleries and museums. According to Statista data, there were 1,597 commercial art galleries in the UK as of 2019. You can engage in art appreciation now and then, but you needn’t walk to a gallery to do so. Indeed, you can choose great art pieces as part of your home decor to light up your interior space. Art in your home can significantly impact rooms, so selecting it is often intimidating. Here are four guidelines worth following when choosing artwork for your house.

Pay attention to themes

It is common knowledge that particular art themes can shape a room’s unique feel. Several studies suggest that certain colours are linked with specific moods and can affect psycho-emotional states. Since art is quite emotional and can significantly impact the mood of a space, it is advisable to pay attention to themes before selecting. For instance, paintings with images of simple landscapes, birds, and other animals in light, gentle colours will work well in any living room space. Likewise, appetite-stimulating pictures of fruits will work best in the kitchen, while paintings of calming sunsets are ideal for bedroom spaces to encourage relaxation.

Think framing

The wrong frame can ruin stunning artwork, so it is crucial to select the right when choosing a frame for your art. For starters, the artwork itself is the first thing to consider when selecting an appropriate frame since the subject being framed is of utmost importance. Also, select a frame consistent with your house’s style, so it doesn’t look out of place. Additionally, consider the area in which it will be placed; different frames from brands like Best4Frames for your living room and bathroom may come in handy. Finally, consider the context within the area to make the right choice. If your frame will be in a cluster, selecting something simple that fits in with the rest is prudent. However, an individual frame can be unique and complex since it doesn’t have to blend in with a cluster.

Think beyond paintings and photographs

A lovely photograph or exquisite painting is often the first thing that comes to mind when people think of artwork. However, it is essential to remember that several other types of art will work well in your house besides paintings and photographs. For example, sculptures may work well in room corners, while a fabric tapestry will bring a large, drab wall alive. Handcrafted pottery, figurines, and metal prints are other kinds of art to consider for your home.

Consider lighting

The lighting around pieces of art can change how people perceive them. That’s why you should consider specific lighting in spaces where you want particular pieces to go. Incandescent lights, halogens, and LEDs are some of the best lighting options you can use to properly showcase your art, so keep this in mind. Generally, it is not necessary to light up your entire space. You can begin at ceiling level with something that illuminates important mantelpieces or furniture arrangements. Then, come down to wall level and use picture lights to lower your ceiling’s apparent height, create a warm ambience, and bring out the colour in any art piece. Lastly, add floor lamps and table lights around the room’s key areas to attract people to them.