App Types to Make Your Life Better

9 App Types to Make Your Life Better or Easier

Smartphone and tablet technology means you have access to robust programs without having to lug around a laptop. In the palm of your hand, you can instantly use numerous app types to make your life better or easier. Here are some of the most useful you can find.

Whether you are looking for the best routes to take by car or are perhaps planning to start a business, or something completely different, there are so many ways different apps can benefit your life…

GPS and Map Apps

When they were first released, GPS apps were not entirely reliable, with stories of people being directed towards cliff edges and non-existent roads. Today, however, GPS apps are vastly superior to their earlier version. And you don’t even need to pay for them anymore. For example, you can access excellent GPS apps on your phone. Of course, these are different depending on whether you use Android or Apple (check out this Google Maps vs Apple Maps article), but standard features include traffic and weather reports, and garage locations.

App Types to Make Your Life Better Include Planners

Planners were also one of the first app types available on smartphones. And as dull as a planner might sound, an e-planner is more than just a “To Do” list and can be a fantastic tool for your business. Modern planner apps such as Todoist have powerful features for keeping track of just about everything personal and professional. Standard features include daily scheduling with a calendar, automatic reminders, and project management. Some planners are free, and others are paid. For most personal tasks, a free one is best. But for anything more in-depth, you will see the benefits in a paid app.

Health and Fitness Apps

We’re always looking for ways to control our health and fitness. It isn’t as easy as you think to organize, plan and carry out most of the fitness goals you have. But that’s where health and fitness apps come in. Like project planners, you can use these apps to plan out your workout schedule, set reminders for your classes, and get personal workout suggestions. Additionally, some have built-in sensors that can track your daily activities. For example, they can monitor how long you sleep, how many steps you have taken, and daily calorie burn rates.

Cooking Apps

Like most people, you may love nothing more than tucking into your favorite food. But also, like most people, work and other responsibilities mean you have less time to spend in the kitchen. Cooking is enjoyed all over the world. But in the US alone, only around 53% of Americans enjoy preparing their own food. Mostly it comes down to not having the time to cook or learn how. But cooking apps like Yummly can help you improve your skills and provide quick recipes and food that meets your dietary preferences. And you can search for recipes based on what you have.

Meditation and Wellness Apps

Wellness and wellbeing are an essential part of modern life. Stress and anxiety are at record levels. And current world events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, increased costs, and war in Ukraine aren’t helping. So you need to relax for a while. Some of the best wellness apps are:

  • Headspace: specializes in various types of meditation for energy, rest, and sleep.
  • Calm: includes guided meditation and sleep stories.
  • Meditopia: has daily meditation goals and calming sounds of nature.
  • Exhale: focuses on emotional wellbeing for ethnic (BIWOC) women.
  • Clue: a fact-based app that lets you track your menstrual cycle.

Accessible through your smartphone or other mobile devices, these mental health apps are tools that work to enhance various facets of mental health and wellbeing. You can use them for various wellness-related topics, such as sleep, stress management, and relaxation.

Price Comparison Apps

With costs rising all the time these days, we are all looking for ways to save money. But even if you know you are being ripped off with things like subscriptions, insurance, or energy suppliers, you might not have the time to scour the web for better deals. Fortunately, you don’t need to. There are excellent price comparison apps such as Shop Savvy and Gas Buddy that let you check providers against each other. Additionally, some apps allow you to find the best deals on current grocery promotions, get coupons and even find cheaper pet supplies. 

Financial Apps

Further to saving money, you can use some of the most intuitive financial apps to take control of your money. First, especially if you are looking to set up a limited company you can use free spreadsheet software like Google Sheets. But financial apps offer easy-to-use features. For example, Quickbooks allows you to record all your transactions and store them in categories. This is excellent for sorting large amounts of data throughout your year and makes being self-employed far easier. You can even record business expenses for tax deductions, and the app will calculate how much tax you owe.

Games are App Types to Make Your Life Better

Gaming is bigger than it’s ever been. In the first quarter of 2022 alone, there were over 14 billion game downloads on Apple and Android smartphones. It’s easy to dismiss video games as frivolous entertainment, but there are many benefits to playing games. First, they are entertaining and can help pass the time when commuting or waiting in line. But there are additional benefits to playing games, such as increased focus, improved hand-eye coordination, and reduced anxiety. Additionally, you will find a new hobby you will come to enjoy.

Dieting and Water Trackers

Dieting is one of the biggest things on the web today. And dieting apps make up a large portion of the most popular apps that people download. This is because dieting is a challenge, so you need a little help sometimes. Dieting apps are great because they can track your calorie intake, suggest personal recipes and plan meals around your goals. Additionally, you can use water trackers to ensure you drink enough for your body type, age, and weight. This is great since most of us don’t drink the required 8 glasses per day as recommended by doctors.


If you have a smartphone or tablet, then you have easy access to many app types to make your life better and easier. From lifestyle management to entertainment and everything in between, some of the best include GPS and map apps, wellness apps, and dieting and water trackers.