All Gamers Should Know

7 Healthy Gaming Practices All Gamers Should Know

Esports gaming places intense demands on every player. Playing very lengthy sessions can be surprisingly draining. By taking greater care of themselves, casual and dedicated gamers should be able to improve their performance.

1. Maintain Good Posture

Maintaining the correct alignment of the spine is essential. It should help players feel more comfortable by reducing aches and pains in the shoulders, neck and back. It’s important to sit straight and not slouch over the keyboard. Some gamers invest in an ergonomically designed chair that should provide the best in gaming comfort. It’s also important to ensure the mouse and keyboard are easy to reach to avoid straining arm and hand muscles.

2. Take Regular Exercise

Gaming relies on fast reactions. Gamers can improve their agility and speed through physical exercise. A series of simple stretches can be highly beneficial. They help release the tension and stress that builds up during exciting games and should help to improve concentration and agility. Stretching exercises are also very easy to do while waiting for the games to download. It’s also beneficial to gently stretch muscles before and after a game.

3. Drink Enough Water

Dehydration Causes Headaches and Fatigue. Staying adequately hydrated is of vital importance in gaming. Water helps the brain stay alert and responsive. The recomended amount to drink is around eight glasses of water distributed evenly throughout the day.

4. Avoid Eye Strain

Straining the eyes is a common problem for anyone using a PC for several hours a day. Gamers in particular need to maintain sharp vision. An ideal solution is to look away from the screen every twenty minutes, then focus on an object that’s around twenty yards away. Hold the gaze for twenty seconds before returning to the screen.

5. Eat Healthy Food

Eating healthily is essential for muscle function. Gamers often neglect their dietry intake and consume vast quantities of junk food. Alternatively, whole grain bread, fresh fruit and vegetables make ideal snacks while playing. Avoid coffee and other foods that are high in caffeine as they contribute to high blood pressure.

6. Take Regular Breaks

Gaming often involves sitting still for hours on end. It’s beneficial to take regular breaks from the action to reinvigorate the body’s oxygen levels. Try to spend a few minutes in the fresh air as often as possible. It should improve concentration and alertness by supplying the brain with more oxygen.

7. Play a Different Game

Almost every player has a game they prefer above all others. Becoming too immersed in just one game and its characters can sometimes be overpowering. Players can find it a welcome relief to occasionally play a different game. It helps promote relaxation and adds variety to gaming. Visit 1337PRO to discover how many exiting games there are to help keep gaming healthy.