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Adapting Your Home For Elderly Family Members

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When it comes to adapting your home for elderly family members, there are quite a few things that you need to consider. Making these changes takes some time and money. So what do you need to think about?

Use A Reputable Company

If you are considering making some adaptations to your home, then you should always ensure you use a reputable company. Age Co Mobility offer brilliant products at great prices and offer fantastic customer service.

They can install stairlifts, homelifts and adapted baths and showers.

Consider Using Technology

Technology can also be used in home adaptations to ensure the safety of your elderly family member. There are various products and services which mean that they can live independently or semi-independently.

Even if they are moving in with you, it may be worth considering an alarm for around their neck or a button they can press in emergencies. You might not always be at home when something happens and they will need to be able to contact someone in an emergency.

If you do choose to use technology, you might have to teach your family member how to use it. Some elderly people can struggle with technology and would rather not use it at all if they can help it!

Don’t Forget The Bathroom

Many people make adjustments around the house but forget certain parts of it. The bathroom is a common one. Hygiene is a must at any age so it is important that all family members can access the bathing area. Consider having an adapted bath or shower put in that your family member can use. The more able bodied family members will be able to use it too but your elderly family member may struggle with a bathroom that hasn’t been adapted.

Handrails Are Great

For areas of the home where there isn’t much to hold onto, handrails are a great resource. By having these added to your home, your elderly family member will find getting around much easier and won’t be as unsteady on their feet.

Be Patient

Looking after an elderly family member can be incredibly stressful, especially if they have an illness or difficulty getting around. It is important to remember that it isn’t their fault and whilst what you are doing is commendable, it will take some time and some cash to get your home adapted in a suitable manner for your family.

If you have children living in the home too, it is important to remind them that it may take a little while for their family member to adjust to being somewhere new.

Is This The Right Option?

Despite it potentially feeling like the right thing to do, is adapting your home for an elderly family member the right thing to do in your case? It is worth considering whether they may be happier at home independently with more adaptations or in an assisted living facility. You should definitely weigh up all of the different options.

These are just a few things you should consider when you are thinking about adapting your home. Have you ever adapted your home for a family member?