Many times in life we come to the end of something.  And sometimes that means time for reflection and re-evaluation.  We want to think about the things we have done and think about what worked and what didn’t.  And now I am at the end of my ten-week experience with contemplating the things I am thankful for.  It began with a simple question.  ” How does one find happiness in life?”  And I explored and explored and everyone I heard from and everything I read said to begin with practicing being grateful for the things you have.  That got me to thinking about the things I was thankful for.  Which eventually led me to this series: 70 Days of Thankfulness.

It’s crazy to think I started this series ten weeks ago and now I am in the home stretch.  Just five last little things to be thankful for before we reach Thanksgiving in the states.  But I don’t want to end things here.  The one thing running through my mind over and over again was how to make this thankfulness continue.  What could I do to keep this going?  Part of me was curious whether I could come up with 365 things to be thankful for.  And I am guessing that I could, although I would probably have to split more things up like separating mother and father from parents.  In addition, I might have to come up with more random things like being thankful for David Lynch.  Woah!  Did I just say I was thankful for Lynch?  Hmmmmm . . .

But like the fitness series that I began the year with, I do not want to just ditch thankfulness because Thanksgiving has come and gone.  We lose something when we attach meaning to important things only for the day.  Yes, we may celebrate them on that day and spend more time to remember them.  But meaning should be infused all year long.  So I may take to doing a list of things I am thankful for monthly.  Or maybe I will get guest bloggers who would be interested in putting together a monthly column on Thankfulness.  I think that would be a great project.  If anyone could be interested in doing something like that, feel free to message me here at the end.  But I digress.

So as it’s the last week of my Days of Thankfulness series, I am going to recap all the things I have been thankful for.  This does not mean I will go into great detail on every one.  But it’s kind of a nice reminder about all of the things I have been thankful for, and will continue to be thankful for.  And it sets up nicely the last five of things I am thankful for.  Thank you so much for being a part of this project.  And I am so excited to know that many of you have taken up the gauntlet and done similar things on your blogs.  That honors me more than words can express.  But we are here for the last five, so let’s get to it.

70 Days Of Thankfulness – Week Ten (Plus Recap)

Week One

1. Daughter

2. Family

3. Bear Necessities

4. Seasons

5. Friendships

6. Dreams

7. Freedom

8. David Lynch

9. Nature

Week Two

10. Food

11. Life

12. Communication

13. Pain

14. Creativity

15. Pleasure

16. Pets

Week Three

17. Beauty

18. Light

19. Civilization

20. Air Conditioning

21. Human Contact

22. Silence

23. Those Who Protect Me

Week Four

24. Sweet Things

25. Dress Up

26. Pumpkins

27. Music

28. The Color Black

29. Smiles

30. Scary Movies

Week Five

31. Faith

32. Fellow Bloggers

33. Opportunities from Blog

34. Holidays

35. Pictures

36. Farmers

37. Museums

Week Six

38. Grace

39. Hope

40. Love

41. Road Trips

42. An Education

43. The rain

44. Five senses

Week Seven

45. Ancestors

46. Cemeteries

47. Mexico

48. Stories

49. Bread

50. Tradition

51. Cultural diversity

Week Eight

52. Hospitals

53. Doctors

54. Medicine

55. Hippocrates

56. Advanced Directives

57. Willhelm Rontgen

58. Nurses

Week Nine

59. Candles

60. Charities

61. Dickens

62. Board Games

63. Airplanes

64. Laughter

65. Tears

Week 10

66.  Black Friday –

Maybe this sounds a bit materialistic given most of what I put up here before.  But in truth, Black Friday to me isn’t about the shopping, even if that is what we are doing.  Black Friday to me means that my daughter and I get together and plan the whole day out doing things together.  It takes coordination and effort to plan everything out.  We seek out the best deals at the best places.  Then we have to figure out which stores are open on which hours of the day.  Everything becomes coordinated.  And ultimately we spend the day together racing around from place to place and store to store.  Maybe we buy a lot of things.  Maybe we only purchase two.  But we are together the whole time.  I’m always trying to find ways to engage with my daughter and this is a big one every year.

67. Tryptophan –

Well, we are coming up on Thanksgiving, so you have to be thankful for the turkey right?  And what makes the turkey so great, other than the delicious taste.  (If you haven’t tried out my maple bacon turkey you really should.  But with great turkey comes great responsibility.  No.  Wait.  That’s Spiderman.  Turkey does have this marvelous amino acid in it. The great thing about this amino acid is it puts one into a very relaxed state.  If you have trouble sleeping, this helps.  Thus sleep the day after Thanksgiving is the most restful sleep people have all year.  Maybe that’s why it’s the only holiday we get two days off instead of one.  Hmm…

68.  Cars –

I suppose I could have done a whole vehicle thing.  But on Thanksgiving day to me, usually, I am not flying.  And I was definitely focused on Thanksgiving things here.  I am thankful for cars because they take me from place to place around town.  I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t have a vehicle to transport me all the way to work.  What is a 22-minute drive on surface streets could turn into an hour an a half ordeal if I didn’t have a vehicle.  And getting to extended family houses for Thanksgiving would be practically impossible.

Cars enable us to extend our daily reach to do things from day to day.  And they are not cost prohibitive like a plane.  If we need to go someplace we put gas in our tank and go.  I cannot imagine a world without them.  (Even if I am freaked by the idea of an uber car flying service.  How can that be safe??  What kind of license would an Uber car flyer need??)

69. Kissing –

Nothing compares to the intimacy of a kiss.  There are all kinds of kisses.  But all of them show signs of affection and intimacy between two different people.  In a world which seems to be fracturing in all different places, with a kiss we display the bonds existing between us.  Kissing our loved ones displays connection.  It shows affection.  And for those we are passionate about, it ignites a fire between the two of you which burns brightly.  It draws one into the other person.  Sometimes we forget how big a deal kissing can really be.  A world without kissing would be a sad world indeed.

70. Thanksgiving  –

Maybe I repeat myself with this last thing to be thankful for.  But truthfully I have so many things to be thankful for about Thanksgiving itself. First, I get the time off of work to spend time with my family.  I would never complain about that.  Second, we have the day to remind ourselves of all the things we can be thankful for. What could be better if we want to promote happiness?  Third, it’s a food holiday.  I could go down the list of marvelous Thanksgiving meals I have had and all the wonderful food we ate and I am not sure whether I would come to the end of the list.

Fourth, given the fact most places are closed, we get to be truly present when it comes to Thanksgiving.  The world can become so busy at times.  We don’t have to be on that day.  And lastly, I get to cook with my daughter.  Anytime I get to do things with my daughter, things have greater meaning to me.  I love that she loves to try and help out, even in small ways.  I love this holiday.

Continue The Conversation –

So we reached the end of the series for now.  But as I said in the beginning, I don’t want the thankfulness to stop.  We always have things we can be thankful for.  It shouldn’t stop with a holiday.  We should remember these things all year long. I would love to hear from you about the things you love about Thanksgiving.  What kind of food do you like? Which pie makes you want to drool?  And what food dish are you responsible for during Thanksgiving or do you make it all?  If you don’t have Thanksgiving where you are, I would love to hear you what your favorite things about November are.  And don’t forget, if you are interested in guest posting doing a thankfulness post, please drop me a line at the end of this post, or use the contact me page and shoot me an email.

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