Happy Sunday, or Monday, and another week has gone by.  It’s another week to think about all of the things that you are thankful for.  I started this out as a way to bring happiness.  And really, focusing on the good things in our lives and the things we can be thankful for makes us happier people about our lives.  I began this three weeks ago focusing on the big things in my life that I could be thankful for.  I then moved on to thinking of big and small things as my daughter and I made a trip out to Oak Glen.  And last week I moved onto thinking about all of the difficulties in life and why I appreciate things that we don’t typically think about when being thankful.  And yet those things are before us every day.  So this week I move onto 70 Days of Thankfulness Week Four: Halloween Edition.

Of course, last week could have been Halloween.  Certainly, we had enough ghosts and goblins to go around.  And they were jumping out at me from around every corner.  But I really wasn’t thinking of Halloween in particular when it came to the thrills and chills of a good scare that you could get on Dark Harbor.  This week I wanted to focus on things about Halloween that really make me think of things I enjoy.  And not about remembering why ghosts make me happy that I’m alive.  Which they totally do.

Halloween can mean so many different things over the years.  They can mean anything from lots of candy to ghouls and frights to parties with friends and everything in between.  While one of the few completely secular holidays that are out there, you can find some amazing things to Halloween that can make you stand up and cheer, or shriek in terror.  Of for me, maybe I laugh hysterically while some crazy people in strange outfits try to do everything but molest me.

What things make me thankful this week as we are rapidly approaching Halloween?  What things do I think about when I think about Halloween that makes me smile?  I think we better find out before some creepy clown comes out from behind his darkened corner and attacks.  Or makes me laugh.  One of the two.  So the Guide officially presents 70 Days of Thankfulness Week Four: Halloween Edition.

70 Days Of Thankfulness Week Four

24) I am thankful for sweet things.

Of course, when it comes to Halloween, the biggest thing we think about is candy.  And maybe dental appointments for the next three weeks.  Or as parents making sure that we take the candy away from the kids and only dole a little bit of it out at a time and try not to eat it all ourselves without going into diabetic shock.  But candy definitely exists in the level of sweet things in our life.  Sweet can be the sweetness we have from loved ones, or from food and desserts or even just candy.  I know that those things bring me pleasure.  Things that bring me pleasure make me happy.

25) I am thankful for the ability to dress up.

I know this sounds a little bit strange.  But honestly, how good does it feel to be wearing a nice new suit? Or for you ladies, how good does it feel to be dressed in a beautiful new dress that fits your figure.  I love that feeling of a brand new suit and looking good.  And Halloween above all reminds me of all the things that I can dress up in.  Of course, I may avoid being a sexy nurse because neither you nor I would be happy with me dressing up in that kind of a costume.  But maybe someone else wants to wear that costume.  Someone has to I suppose.

26) I am thankful for pumpkins. (Maybe or maybe not the pumpkin spice latte.)

I am not sure why but I always have an amazing association with pumpkins.  Whether this means sitting around and pulling out pumpkin seeds and washing them and all the squishy innards that came from gutting the pumpkin or spending time with my daughter and baking pumpkin bread, pumpkins make me happy. A half hour after you put the bread into the oven you can smell of pumpkin wafting throughout the house. Maybe it’s because of the delicious flavor, because of the associations with it, or because of the fact that it reminds me of the holidays and all of the family around. But I just love the taste.  And who doesn’t love a cool Jack O’ Lantern?

It’s Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies. And check out their latest Halloween extravaganza at the Halloween Hootinany at Knott’s Spooky Farm.

27) I am thankful for music.

It doesn’t have to be Halloween music but it can be.  How much great Halloween music is there out there?  Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  Mic dropped.  Actually, tons of great Halloween music exists out there.  But beyond Halloween music, music moves us in so many different ways.  It takes us through the good times and lifts our spirits.  It helps us through the bad times and allows us to cope when things seem at their most difficult.  Music soothes the souls in ways that very few things can.  I could always use good music in my life.

Kylo Ren likes the color black too. Not sure what that says.

28) I am thankful for the color black.

Or maybe I am thankful for all of the colors of black.  Black represents the absence of all the colors.  And what it does for the figure is absolutely amazing.  But truthfully I love the color black.  It helps me to sleep because my body absolutely needs the rem cycle every night to feel good and well rested to complete my day.  I have to admit that I feel good in a black suit.  I feel calm when the room goes black after a nice long day and things feel at peace.

Ok . . . maybe smiles with a little less blood involved.

29) I am thankful for smiles.

A smile communicates so many different things.  But mostly it represents a feeling of affection and appreciation for one another.  There are so many smiles one gets during the Halloween season.  From the smiles of little children they give you when you put candy into their bags to the wide toothy smiles of Jack O’ Lanterns who look at your in quizzical delight as you walk from house to Halloween house, smiles greet you every Halloween.  I love receiving those smiles.  A smile just feels so good to see coming from another person or being.  A smile, like a yawn, is infectious.  Give a smile to someone today.  You will feel good, and so will they.

Pennywise might have a thing or two to say.

30) I am thankful for scary movies.

For me, I love the beauty of a well-told scary movie.  Of course, what’s scary to me, may not be scary to someone else.  But I love scary movies because at the end I am grateful for coming out safe from them on the other end.  Scary movies make me feel alive in a way that other films do not do.  Nothing moves me like a good true story.  A good drama can leave me in tears.  (I am not ashamed to say that I tear up in movies.)  And a comedy makes me laugh all the way through.  But being in the middle of a scary movie gets my blood pumping and feeling grateful for life at the end.  It reminds me of how beautiful life can be as opposed to how ugly things can become.  And it reminds me in the midst of ugliness, true beauty can shine through.

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So what things are on your list of things to be thankful for this week?  When it comes to holidays, what things are you most thankful for?  What things are beautiful about the fall?  And what would your favorite holiday be and why?  Halloween brings out the ghoulish delight, but my favorite holiday would be in a different month.  Anyway, I love hearing from you as always.  Let me know your thoughts.

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