Good morning!  Another Sunday has come, which means it’s another week that we have before us.  And of course, that means there are a lot more things to be grateful for.  The last couple of weeks I have had themes that went along with the things that I am grateful for.  But this week, I am going back to things that have been impressed upon me this past week.  And thinking about how those things made me grateful.  And every time I sit down to write this post, I shock myself with the fact there is always a lot more to write.  So this week we reach 70 Days of Thankfulness, week five.

So for those of you who are knew here, I began writing these posts because I have seen a lot of unhappiness in the world lately.  How many people are satisfied or happy with where they are at?   I would venture to say very few.  Unless you are looking at someone’s Facebook feed and they only show you the highlights of their lives.  Then you turn unhappy or envious of the lives they lead.  Social media, for all of its benefits, creates a ton of problems as well.

We crave connection and engagement, and instead we get a greatest hits album of people’s lives.  I just purchased a greatest hits album of Queen this last week.  Did it make me any happier?  Don’t get me wrong.  I love the music.  And Freddy Mercury had a voice that I would dare anyone to match.  But what did I think about?  I thought about the tragedy of him dying from AIDS.  I thought about the fact that they had a live version of Under Pressure without David Bowie.  And this made me think of David Bowie passing.  Greatest hits make me nostalgic.  But I am not quite sure that they make me happy.

What does make me happy I pondered?  What makes me happy is being present.  It means being able to appreciate what goes on in the here and now.  And how does one become present?  I thought about this for a while. And I realized happiness happens when we appreciate the things we have around us at this very moment.  It means being thankful for the things we have.  So I decided to count my blessings, as cliché as that sounds.

Hence, I decided to create a days of thankfulness blog series, leading us all the way to Thanksgiving in the U.S.  I know some of you in Canada had yours recently, which is awesome.  And hopefully, some of the other countries have something out there similar.  But regardless of the situation, we can all think of things to be thankful for in our lives.  And maybe . . . just maybe . . . this can lead to constructive conversations with the people around us.  So I invite you to participate in this 70 Days of Thankfulness series.  Find things that make you thankful here, or include some of the things you were thankful for this week in the comment section.  I do love hearing from you.

You can catch up on the previous weeks of Thankfulness one, two, three, and four at the links here.  This brings me to this week and the 7 more things to be thankful for this week.  The Single Dad’s Guide to Life brings you 70 Days of Thankfulness, week five.

70 Days Of Thankfulness Week Five

31) I am thankful for my faith / beliefs.

I know I have stated I will not proselytize my beliefs here.  Although, if you really want to have a talk with me about them, you can send me word through my email or through the contact section of my page.  I would be more than happy to discuss them.  What I do want to say is that we all have things we believe about the world.  The things I believe about the world make me happy and hopeful for the future.

My beliefs allow me to have a realistic view of the world while at the same time believe there will be a positive outcome and that I can contribute to that outcome.  It shows me my responsibility to the world around me and ways in which I can contribute.  The things I believe give my life meaning and purpose.  If your beliefs do not do that for you, you may want to consider what you believe.  Or you might want to rethink what you believe and why you believe it.  For me, my beliefs remind me people love me and I need to love others in return.  I am very grateful for them.

32)  I am thankful for those I have networked with blogging.

I suppose this list could become long and arduous.  There have been so many people that I have interacted with since I began blogging.  Some I still have with me.  There are some I have missed the last couple of months and hopefully will see again.  But these bloggers that have joined me on my journey in blogging have meant the world to me.  They have been there for me when I feel lost.  They have reminded me of my why.  Some have or will collaborate with me.  And ultimately they inspire me about what true success looks like.  It may be a struggle, but it’s worth it in the end.  I won’t give a play by play of each of them.  But here are some of the amazing people I have connected with along my journey that you should be looking out for if you haven’t already.


Kinda Silly Mommy – A true friend and parent blogger who helped me network in a ton of ways I didn’t know about before.  Cynthia has an eye for photography and an open heart.


Author Brandi Kennedy – One of the truest and most sincere souls I have talked to since starting my journey.  Both an author and a blogger she wears her heart on her sleeve and connects with every one of her audience individually.


Faded Spring – Ana definitely has a fashion bent to her blog, but she is so much more than that.  Aside from being an amazing person and true friend, she bares her soul on her blog and connects with each of her audience in sincere and personal ways.


Pretty Fit Foodie – For those of you who know my food blog series, Sondra is pretty much the inspiration behind all of my food inspired hilarity.  While she might not do fake food histories, she is a true soul who through picture and word inspires you about everything food.  Whether blog, Instagram or Pinterest, you will need to make sure you aren’t drooling on your keyboard as you experience the most up to date food adventures she takes you on.


Betty’s Battleground – Elizabeth takes you on a journey you will find incredible.  She has gone through more than I can possibly describe, but through sheer force of will she perseveres.   If you aren’t inspired by her journey then your soul is dead.  Seriously.


Daddy Poppins – I first connected with Benny Finlay on Twitter.  He was absolutely hysterical.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  And he’s so good about connecting with everyone you will feel like he just gets it.  Whatever it is.  If you need a laugh or to laugh until you cry, check him out.


Dad of Divas – Chris Lewis was one of the first dad bloggers out there.  He reached out to me and encouraged me early on in my journey.  I appreciated his kindness and support early on while I was trying to get my bearings straight.


Veggies by Candlelight – Alison is a breath of fresh air in the blogging world.  She has been very supportive and encouraging on my journey.  And her blogs are uniquely her own vision.  I love her openness and honesty.  If you are looking for good conversation and great home cooked meals, you can’t go wrong with checking her site out.


While I met many others along my path, I don’t think I could fit them all into a single post.

33)  I am thankful for the opportunities this blog has presented so far.

I do believe there will be a lot more adventures to come when it comes to my blog.  In the meantime, I am just grateful for all of the opportunities that have been given to me at present.  Between meeting some great people out there, to going to the Queen Mary, to being treated to a hoe down in Calico Square at Knott’s Berry Farm, I have been given so many different opportunities.  I cannot express enough my gratefulness for being invited to some cool events, or being given books to review.  Getting the change to work with some great people out there has made me very happy.

34)  I am thankful for holidays.

While some holidays have interesting memories assigned to them, I definitely am thankful for them being there.  First, it means time off to think and relax and be with loved ones.  Secondly, we get to remember the past and be able to be happy for the things that have gone on and looking forward to things that we have ahead.  And third it means food.  Who doesn’t love good food?  I am sad for anyone who doesn’t.  Holidays present unique opportunities for us in our lives to be grateful for different things.  They are times of remembrance and times of joy.  I think we miss out on some beautiful things when we forget how good these holidays are for us and what they represent in our lives.

35)  I am thankful for pictures.

I suppose if you went far back enough to say . . . the 1800’s, you might not feel good about having your picture taken.  Having to spend long periods of time out there taking just one picture, would be obnoxious.  But pictures themselves are memories.  They represent a moment in time we will not get back.  Yes, we would have stories.  And maybe stories were the pictures of the past.  But today pictures are the stories we tell and the stories we remember about who we were and what we did.  Sometimes they make me sad.  Sometimes they make me happy.  But they always make me remember the good in life.  Whoever first figured out the photograph, I salute you.  Because you have allowed us to capture memories in a way nothing else can.

36)  I am thankful for farmers.

I know this may stand out in this post.  It’s probably the strangest thing on here.  But I got to thinking about vegetables and how they came to the table this week.  We would not have them if we did not have people who sacrificed tons of man hours to produce the amazing fruits and vegetables at our table.  For the most part it’s a thankless job that they do.  We may go up and do apple picking one weekend and think it’s pretty cool.  But being a farmer is so much more than that.

These people grow the produce, pick the crops, distribute them, and clean out the land only to regrow more crops all over again.  This especially hit me as we have been losing a ton of our wine country out here in California due to wild fires.  The tragedy strikes me about loss of life.  I just hope that these amazing vineyard owners are not cowed by the loss and continue to grow their crops and make their wine for the benefit of us all.  So go out and thank your local farmer today.

37)  I am thankful for museums.

I think this goes along very well with pictures and holidays.  Museums exist to give us stories about our past.  Whether a natural history museum telling us about our ancient ancestors before written history, or art museums that express the history of emotion and thought all through a couple of brush strokes, museums are such important cultural landmarks.  I get sad when I think about the way too many people neglect our museums and do not see them for the amazing places that they are.  Without them we would lose a sense of history and culture.  We would be boundless and set adrift in our world without any moorings.

I am sure you have heard the saying: “those who forget about history are doomed to repeat it.”  Well it’s true.  When we forget our history, we end up making the same mistakes our ancestors made before us.  Museums are centers where we can look upon the triumphs as well as the mistakes of the past, and learn the lessons necessary for developing a better future.  We shouldn’t lose sight of all the amazing things they do for us.  So today I give thanks to the museums and cultural centers all around us.

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