100 Reasons To Visit Knott’s Berry Farm: Part 6

***While I have been a Knott’s Brand Ambassador for the past two years, all the thoughts on 100 Reasons to Visit Knott’s Berry Farm because of the 100th Anniversary of Knott’s Berry Farm are strictly my own.***

We, at the Guide briefly toyed with creating a part 7 of this series which were just the top ten reasons.  But then we thought about whether we truly had a top ten reasons for our 100 Reasons To Visit Knott’s Berry Farm Series.  It’s possible we might have one, but some of them would have been listed in the previous lists.  As we do not try to copy ourselves here at the Guide if we can avoid it, we decided not to list the last ten as a separate list.  And as you are getting into the holiday spirit, we wanted you to have ample reasons to consider getting yourself and your loved ones an annual pass this year, if you didn’t already win one through our giveaway or one of through one of the other Berry Bloggers giveaways.

100 Reasons to Visit Knott's

It feels strange to wrap up this series.  As it culminates the series as we go into the next decade.  Once upon a time, 2020 seemed impossibly long ago.  I honestly do not know where all the time has flown to.  But once again, I’m thankful for this past year, and all of the lovely memories Knott’s has provided.  I hope some of those memories you can remember along with this list, which will inspire a list of your own 100 reasons to go.  And with all of the amazing memories to be had there this 2020, you won’t want to miss out.  So let’s get started.

100 Reasons To Visit Knott’s Berry Farm: Part 6, #76-100

#76 The Knott’s Berry Farm Geode Shop

If you are looking for a place to not only appreciate history but natural history as well, you cannot go wrong with the Knott’s Geode shop.  With a ton of different rocks to look at as well as some amazing autographed ones, you won’t want to miss out on going there when you go to Knott’s.  Plus, with a little cash, you can select your own geode they will cut for you right there.  Some amazing crystals can be found inside.  It’s the wonder of nature all right there on display.

#77 Boysenberry Boba

100 Reasons to Visit Knott's

I remember when they released this a couple of years ago for Knott’s Boysenberry Festival.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to think of it.  One drink and instantly I became an addict.  If you like boba and boysenberries, then this is the perfect combination for you.  And they serve it all year long there at the park, not just at the Festival.  It’s a delicious treat any time of year at Knott’s and definitely among the 100 Reasons to Visit Knott’s Berry Farm.

#78 Lawn Games At Summer Nights (Reasons To Visit Knott’s)

I absolutely love Knott’s during the summer with Ghost Town Alive.  But last year they decided to do things one better.  They added on summer nights.  And one of my favorite things to do out there is the lawn games they have out during the Summer Nights event.  Boysenberry Pong, Checkers, Huge Jenga sets and more are all out in the Summer evening to play with.  It’s such a cool way to spend a warm summer evening.

#79 Fudge Dipped Apples

Inside the candy shop in Ghostown, they dip these amazingly large apples into a vat of fudge and then roll them around in the most delicious toppings.  I know it’s absolutely horrible for you.  But you gotta absolutely love it.  And they make sure to get the freshest and most delicious apples to go in this amazing fudge.  Plus, if you get a tasting card for summer nights, it comes with the card.  An essential reason for every foodie in our 100 Reasons to Visit Knott’s Berry Farm.

#80 Calico Soda (Reasons To Visit Knott’s)

Looking for a place to cool off and whet your whistle?  Get the most eye-opening beverage in town in the Calico Saloon.  It’s a sweet mix of soda and various secret ingredients which I was able to make once.  It’s a little much for me, but for the sweet tooth in your family, they might never get enough.  And you get a souvenir cup to go with it.  I knew someone who loved it so much they made a pyramid out of their souvenir cups.

#81 Glass Blowers at Knott’s (Reasons To Visit Knott’s)

There during certain times of the year, you will be able to see the glassblowers down the main strip of Calico.  They do all kinds of wonderful magic on glass.  They show how they do it, what they do to add in color, how they cause it to expand, and so much more.  You can stop by and watch them any day they are there.

#82  Wood Carvers During Knott’s Merry Farm

100 Reasons to Visit Knott's

Out next to the schoolhouse during Knott’s Merry Farm they always have a building set up for a gentleman or lady carving the most amazing works of art on wood.  Need a Santa Claus, Rocket Raccoon, Baby Yoda, Groot, or any other figure and they can do it all there.  I cannot express the amazing artistry they can do with wood.  It all astounds me.

#83 Wine And Craft Beer Tasting During The Boysenberry Festival

If you love yourself some good wine or craft beer, get yourself out to the Wilderness Cabin during the Boysenberry Festival.  They have all kinds of manner of samplings.  Pick yourself up a tasting card for relatively cheap, and they provide you with a cheese and cracker plate to clear the palate.  A definite must for the beer or wine connoisseur in your family and on the list of our 100 Reasons to Visit Knott’s Berry Farm.

#84  The Legend of Sleepy Hollow During Spooky Farm

100 Reasons to Visit Knott's

Mornings during the weekends in the Halloween season, the Birdcage theater puts on a show.  It’s the tale of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman.  Whether he is Brom Bones or not is anyone’s guess.  Regardless, it’s a fun tale and they make sure to get the audience involved in as many ways as possible.  Your kids will love it, especially doing the sound effects for the horse if they get the chance.

#85 Knott’s Ghost Town Ghosts (Reasons To Visit Knott’s)

During the evenings of Halloween, you might want to stay away from the creepy creatures roaming the streets.  But during the day, only the happiest of haunts can be found prancing about Calico.  They may be seeking some help from the afterlife.  And some may be trying to sneak a few of your sweet treats you can get while there.  So be on the lookout for those ghosts with a sweet tooth.  I wonder how candy tastes in the afterlife.  Hmmmmm…

#86 Trick Or Treating At Knott’s Ghost Town

The first year I went with my daughter to do this, I admit I was a bit disappointed.  One line for the candy and the person who was supposed to be handing it out wasn’t even there.  Fast forward a few years and they have completely upped their game.  Several Trick or Treat Spots can be found throughout Calico, and it doesn’t even require separate park admission.  It’s all good Halloween Fun for the little ones and a great reason to visit Knott’s Berry Farm.

#87 Knott’s Boysenberry Sausages With Boysenberry Ketchup, Mustard, And Relish

100 Reasons to Visit Knott's

I remember when they introduced these tasty treats a few years ago during the Boysenberry Festival.  I instantly became hooked on them.  They are absolutely delicious.  And they burst with the most amazing sausage and boysenberry flavor.  They can be found multiple times a year in the park.  You won’t want to miss the chance to try them out when they do.

#88 Boysenberry Beer, Cider, And Wine

All year long at Mrs. Knott’s Kitchen or during certain times of the year you can get yourself some amazing and delicious boysenberry beer, cider and wine.  It’s such a sweet treat for the adult who appreciates a good glass of adult beverages now and again.  Personally, boysenberry wine is a little too sweet for me.  But if you love a sweet drink that’s great.  As for the beer and cider, have them do a half and half with each.  You will thank me later.

#89 Cookie Decorating

Any time of the year is good for Cookie Decorating.  Whatever holiday you may be wanting to celebrate, it’s always good to glob some frosting on a cookie and load it with candy on top.  Oh, wait.  That’s what your kids think.  But they will love this at Knott’s as they have this going on during both Spooky Farm and Merry Farm.  Such a delicious and fun treat for your kids.

#90  Spooky Farm Craft Decorating (Reasons To Visit Knott’s)

If you are trying to avoid the sweet treats and still want something inventive to do, Knott’s has people selling amazing crafts to be able to decorate and have your own fun Halloween creatures to bring home.  Whether painting a Frankenstein Monster or Charlie Brown Beneath a blanket collecting rocks, you will have tons of fun out in the craft area at Calico Square during Spooky Farm.

#91  The Suffragettes

I have to admit, one of my favorite things about going to Knott’s Berry Farm is all of the live music they put out there.  Whether it’s Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies or Jelly of the Month Club, I always enjoy listening to live music.  During Summer Nights, Knott’s brought on The Suffragettes, a group of all-female singers who really know how to put on a show.  Your kids will dance the night away to their amazing music and you will find yourself tapping your toe to their amazing sound as well.

#92 The Dragon Swing (Reasons to Visit Knott’s)

I have to admit I have a special place in my heart for this ride.  It was the very first ride I took my daughter on when we went to Knott’s Berry Farm as just the two of us.  I know it was pushing her thrill ride boundaries but she took it like a champ.  And we had a lot of fun that day just the two of us, all beginning with this fabulous ride.

#93  Smores At The Firepits During Summer Nights

100 Reasons to Visit Knott's

When one thinks of summer, immediately late nights at the beach and camping come to mind.  And what is a necessity at every late-night excursion during the summer?  S’mores!  A little marshmallow, graham cracker, and chocolate, and your stomach will be singing.  When Knott’s created Summer Nights they really knew what they were doing.  They put in this little fire pits and allowed to toast your own smores up while listening to some amazing music and playing a lawn game or two.  It was a perfect complement to a perfect evening.

#94 Knott’s Spooky Farm Costume Contest

If you didn’t think Spooky Farm was good enough on its own, they have a contest for all the kids who come decked out in their Halloween best.  Fun to be had challenges to be accepted and prizes to be won are all part of the regalia.  Your kids will love competing in the great Halloween costume competition.  Maybe if someone came dressed as the Great Pumpkin, it would really freak Linus out.

#95 Knott’s Two Foot Long Boysenberry Hot Dogs

100 Reasons to Visit Knott's

Challenge Accepted.  You know you can hear Barney’s voice ringing through the air as he stares deeply and longingly into the two food monstrosity which is this amazing Hot Dog.  All tied together with their Boysenberry Ketchup, Mustard, Relish, and wrapped in a Boysenberry Bun.  You would think it’s impossible until you see it up close.  And then you realize the true challenge awaits you.

#96 Knott’s Cookiewiches


You thought you had the most amazing sandwich until you had multiple scoops of ice cream surrounded by two melt in your mouth chocolate chip cookies.  It’s dessert heaven in an amazing wrap.  It goes on all year long across from the Calico Saloon, or you can find it out during Knott’s Summer Nights as one of the food options on the food card.  My mouth is watering thinking about it right now.

#97 Montezuma’s Revenge

Not to be confused with the illness, this ride is truly “sick”, or so the youth might say.  It shoots you out of the gate like a cannon just to make a giant loop.  And then you reach the top and find yourself falling backward through the loop and past the starting gate, rushing back into the air before it all comes crashing to a halt.  It’s a classic, but you cannot miss the great Montezuma at Knott’s and is part of our 100 Reasons to Visit Knott’s.

#98 Knott’s Mystery Lodge

When they got rid of the Mystery Shack at Knott’s, a part of me died.  But then they put up the mystery lodge, out by the falls near Calico River Rapids.  It’s a little bit of that magic from the Shack restored, with an homage to the ancestors.  Especially those who were native to the land before we came and settled in the area.  It’s a bit of mystery and magic all rolled into one and playing several times a day at Knott’s.

#99  Knott’s Ghost Town Alive Hoedown

100 Reasons to Visit Knott's

Nothing says Knott’s like the end of a long day in Ghost Town Alive, surrounded by all the people who have participated in the live stage show throughout the day, coming out to do their best Western Dance.  It’s a real-life hoedown with a master of ceremonies, plenty of dances, and a humongous serpentine spread throughout Calico by the end.  It’s the perfect end to a perfect day in Calico during Ghost Town Alive.  You won’t want to miss it.

Reasons to Visit Knott’s Berry Farm #100 Walter Knott 

I know it’s a bit weird to be discussing the man who is dead as a reason to visit Knott’s Berry Farm.  But it truly would not be here without this great man who had a dream about selling berries.  And it likewise wouldn’t be here without an entrepreneurial spouse who decided she could start cooking up some food for the people while they go their berries.  Before long it would become a theme park unmoored from the sands of time, celebrating the wild west of Knott’s imagination.

Stories he heard from his grandmother put to life for all the world to see.  I cannot imagine a California the way it is without Knott’s vision and dream. (After all, he did give advice to that other rather large theme park creator to help his project get off the ground.) And cannot have a Knott’s Berry Farm without the incredible man himself, whose vision still resides there today.

Wrapping Up 100 Reason To Visit Knott’s Berry Farm: Part 6 

Honestly, it seems impossible 2019 has come and gone and with it brings a new decade, and a new century of Knott’s Berry Farm inspired magic.  I know I have said it before, but I am so grateful to the people over at Knott’s for all they have done for me, my family, and the bonds they have helped me create with my daughter.  When I get to the end of a day and the smile shines across her face it makes me want to lay a wreath in memory to the man who made all of this possible.

I’m so excited about what Knott’s has in store this year.  And I know you will be too.  Congrats to Anna B., the winner of the recent giveaway for an amazing prize package to Knott’s.  Honestly, her story made me tear up and be thankful again for all Knott’s has given to me and the many opportunities they have provided to bring joy to others through me.  And joy is what life is all about, right?

I will still be coming to the park, reporting all that transpires, even if not as a Brand Ambassador for this next year.  And I hope to see you all there, whether at the Peanut’s Festival, the Boysenberry Festival, Ghost Town Alive, Summer Nights, Merry Farm, or somewhere out in the fog.  I, for one, will not want to miss a thing.

100 Reasons to Visit Knott's

Continue The Conversation About 100 Reason To Visit Knott’s Berry Farm: Part 6 

Which of the 100 reasons I have listed is your favorite?  Which reason did I leave out you think should be on this list?  What is your favorite season of fun to visit Knott’s Berry Farm?  And what new attractions are you most looking forward to?

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Until next time, this is me signing off.

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