It Has Begun . . .

Ok, so I had this great idea last week to keep track of everything I was doing at the gym. And so I am going to follow through on this. Unfortunately, this week, I will have to say I totally screwed up. Wish I could say I did wonderfully. Wish I could say a lot of things. Usually, the first week of diet and exercise I attempt after not working out for a while, I lose 5 pounds.  Well, that is somewhat problematic for me this week. I will go into the particulars here shortly. But woah! What a week? And yeah I’m working at this and it’s been a pain in the butt.  But let’s begin with my Friday.  Or maybe slightly before my Friday.

With Cheating . . .

So I have to admit that I cheated… kind of. Last week I wrote my blog the evening before Friday because it is the easiest day of the week to go to the gym. Maybe it’s not quite cheating but it feels like it is because I know I can do it without a doubt.   So I kind of went to the gym a little high on myself.  I was going to the gym and everything was going to change. I’ve done it before I can do it again.  What could possibly go wrong?

And Exhaustion.

Well, I got to the gym and I started in on elliptical. This would be an easy 30 minutes going around and around, pumping those feet.  Well, you have to decide what pressure you are going to start at. I began at 7 but decided it wasn’t enough.  I moved myself to 10, then 13, then 16.  And about 5 minutes later I was out of breath. First, this meant I was out of shape. Second, It meant I am stupid. Not the unintelligent kind of stupid. The proud stupid who doesn’t then move back a few levels because I can do it. I did it. Woohoo!! Collapse!!

No, I didn’t fall on the floor. I just made it to the men’s locker room before I made it to a bench. Whew!  So now would be the time to go home right? I’m out of breath and barely standing. It’s the perfect time. But did I listen to my inner mind? No!! Heck no!! I made a promise to myself, which makes me extremely smart, extremely proud, or extremely stupid. And maybe I was a bit of all three.  But I was going to do that half hour on weights.

Here Comes The Weights

So I sit down on the Hammer strength machine, which is basically a crunch machine although you are actually lifting weights with your legs as well as your arms, moving into a crunch position.  I decided to test my limits as if I hadn’t already. And I did it at 60 pounds. I’m sure that once I do this for a few weeks I will get to lift 100+ pounds. But for now, I’m going to be forgiving to myself as I’m getting back into the swing of things.

Then I move over to the abdominal crunches, pull downs and back extensions, working my core and a little bit on my arms over the next half hour.  Finally, I move on to doing the bicep curls. I didn’t know how I would be doing because I used to curl at 140 when I last stopped so I cut back quite a bit this time.  This time I did it at 80. I could have pushed myself harder but I didn’t want to wake up the next day unable to move my arms.  I know that’s why you are supposed to alternate what area you are working on as far as weights, but I’m trying to pretend I know what I’m doing… at least for a week or two. Then I can break down and talk to a fitness expert.

Finishing Up

So I finish up my bicep curls and whoops!  Holy crap!?!? I know that crap isn’t holy, and I’m certainly not going to set it aside like Mr. Hanky Poo a la South Park. But wow!!! Going back to the gym after a week makes me feel weak. I have got to see this through. What’s even crazier is that I feel like my arms are all tucked in like a weightlifter who can’t carry his arms close enough to his body because of all his muscles. And I don’t even have that many muscles. What gives?   At least I kept up what I wanted to do as far as exercise.

But after that? Epic fail!!!

Well, at least it was a mini-Epic fail.   First I have to say that I kind of screwed myself when it came to exercising this week. I cannot blame my daughter, but I really wasn’t feeling all that well and I worked all weekend.  I finally did get back to the gym on Tuesday and did another hour, with mostly the same gym machines only I upped the weights I was lifting a little more.   But then I skipped Wednesday again. (It wasn’t my fault, exactly. I had to ask myself whether I wanted to go to my daughter’s concert at school or the gym? It’s not that hard a call.)

And on Thursday morning I got up early and was ready to go. But then I was sidetracked. By the time I did get out the door I had to deal with an accident on the road and it pushed me back as far as time even further. I only got a half hour of cardio completed before I had to go to work.  So as far as my exercise this week, I was off a day from my goals and I didn’t get to do weights all three days either.

As far as counting calories, I’m going to say no comment. It is a pain in the butt to try to count calories when you are making your food.  And then when you aren’t making it and relying on someone else for the calorie counts, you probably aren’t eating healthy.  So this week was mostly based on guessing. Guessing is not a long-term solution so I’m going to have to either invest in one of those expensive calorie counting machines or I’m going to have to be more vigilant. I’ll let you know again next week.

What Does Success Look Like?

Ultimately success or failure comes down to my weight, how I look, and how I feel.  As far as weight, I didn’t move the needle at all. This is disappointing but not too unexpected based on how I counted calories this week.  A couple people commented that I looked trimmer. I didn’t see it but if I do then that’s a small win.  And I do feel like I have slightly more energy. That’s definitely a win.  Hopefully next week I will have three wins. Either way, I know I’m moving in the right direction.

How did you do with your goals this week?  What things are you going to change for next week? What does your ideal self look like?  I hope I hear some good stories from you as well. It’s always great to hear other people’s success stories.  They inspire me to keep my own goals.

Hope you are all having a Good Friday or had a good one. I’m going to sign off again for today. Looking forward to the weekend with my daughter. This is me signing off.

David Elliott, Single Dad’s Guide to Life


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