Here I am.  Back again to do another fitness roundup for the last week.  No, this is not Woody’s Roundup from Toy Story, although that does give me a good idea.  I couldn’t be Woody because, although I may be wooden, I am pretty sure I do not have a snake in my boot.   Nor do I have a boot for that matter.  Ok, maybe I do have one pair of Doc Martin’s somewhere but as my feet cry out in pain and start to throb at the mere mention of them, I pretend that they do not exist.  And the poor callouses on my feet thank me.  Now some people say that I look like Tom Hanks, the voice actor of Woody,  but I just don’t see the resemblance.

Hanks or no Hanks? Maybe in the eyes. The nose. The Lips. The forehead. What the heck?!?

Whether from this point on you call me Mr. Hanks Jr. or not is entirely up to you.  Regardless, I had another week go by, with exercise, or lack thereof, nutrition, or lack thereof, and water… but I hope no lack thereof.  Just in case, I better check to see whether or not I still have a pulse, or developed a penchant for brains in the meantime. Now that I think about it . . . Nah! Still no brains for me.  Now if you start telling me zombies eat sushi, I might start to worry.

One Crazy Week

Despite my current state of joviality, if you could see my eyes, and the haunted stare I give everyone, you would realize that everything is not right in Davidland. (Recognize that it’s a land and not a ville.  Why? We have theme park rides here in my brain!)  Because, if you have been following my blog, you have to realize that I have had the week from heck.  No, we don’t go to hell on this blog.  We go to heck, which is far worse I tell ya.  And that seventh circle of heck, I shudder to think about.


How do you know that I have had a crazy week, other than the mild schizophrenia that my blog has taken? (No, there are no pills for blog schizophrenia.  Just read two posts and I’ll call ya in the morning. Wait. No I won’t call you. Besides, I don’t even have your number.)    You know because I started writing about death.   And as I have already written, there is just nothing funny about death.   There are all kinds of funny things about life though.  And so I’m back to laughing at life before men in lab coats start recommending depressants for being too silly.  Maybe if I’m only partially silly I can slip underneath their radar.  Here’s to being only half silly! Cheers!

What Were My Goals?

Besides death and taxes (yes I had both this week), there was an amusement park day, being severely overworked and underpaid all week long, stress from the ex with my daughter (the sixth circle of heck and a discussion for another post), misplacing the clicker for my car, and being eaten by Monstro the whale that contributed to my mental state.  Or was that Pinocchio that was eaten by a whale? I’m never sure.
Whatever was at the bottom of it, I honestly felt off.   But I’m not going to use that as an excuse. I’m going to keep moving forward and live up to the goals that I set for myself last week.  And what were those goals?


  • Four Days Worth of Exercise
  • Six Glasses of Water a Day or Calorie Counting
  • More Vegetables in My Diet
  • One Home Cooked Meal Per Day
  • Less stress


Ok I may have added that last one to this list.  I don’t think it was really there.  But the first three were.

How Did I Do?

So how did I do?  Friday I hit the gym with vigor. I was happy there.   I worked all weekend, but I had Monday off, so I was looking forward to making it to the gym.   The gym, unfortunately go the short shrift. I did, however, make it to Knott’s Berry Farm to work on the blog.  This meant lots of walking and lots of picture taking.  I easily passed the 10,000 step mark. So I’m going to count that as a day of workouts even if I didn’t get to the weights.   But then I arrived at work on Tuesday and things kind of blew up in my face.  I did make it back to the gym on Thursday morning.  So I’m going to count three of the four days I was hoping to do.


As far as the water drinking and vegetable eating are concerned, I don’t think I kept track of those like I should have.  I made my goal of six glasses of water on the two days that I went to the gym. But the rest of the week I don’t believe I met my water goals.   Water and I stopped being Bosom Buddies.  (Oh no! Another Tom Hanks reference.  I must be losing my mind.)


On the salad front (not the waterfront), I did make sure that I moved to having one salad a day so I think I did ok on the vegetables, but I really need to think about having something other than salad.  Salads just don’t carry enough of the vitamins that I’m looking for.


Finally, as far as the home cooked meal once a day, I really did a poor job of that this week. In fact, when it came to making the meal at home for dinner that I had been doing, I mostly skipped eating altogether.  I need to rethink that.  Going back to counting calories is not the answer though.  I did make a few breakfasts at home I suppose.

You can see those crazy eyes can’t you?



As you can see, I really kind of had a mixed week.   But I can’t really blame it on little green men with their pots of gold.  And I can’t blame it on government agents in black helicopters enforcing a time change.  What I did or did not do was all me.  I did improve over last weeks performance but that was not very hard.  It’s like making a little splash before going into the inferno.  And then when you come out, you feel like exercise and you have nothing in common. So you go back to doing that thing you do, but feeling adrift, cast away by life.  Exercise is taunting you saying catch me if you can, but doing it is like being on the road to perdition.  (I am now sure that I have Tom Hanks fever. Is there a pill for that?  Anyone?)

Moving Forward

Moving right along.  What are my goals going to be for the next week?  What things should I aspire to?  Let just get back to finally making the same goals as last week.


  • Half hour four days a week cardio
  • Half hour four days a week weights
  • 6 glasses of water per day
  • More veggies in my diet (non salad variety)
  • One home cooked meal per day
  • Less stress


As you can see, I’m adding that last one to this weeks goals.   I’m not sure I have control over it but I will play a half hour of just music a day if I’m feeling overly stressed.  That should help.


As far as for the rest of you, I hope you all have an amazing week and that you have been working on some of your goals.  What are some of the goals you have made for yourself?  What are you doing to be healthy?  When is the best time for you to do exercise?  And what do you do for homecooked meals when you are on the go? I always love hearing from you and am open to suggestion.  Just not hypnotism. I think I can rule that as a no go.


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Until next time, this is me signing off.


David Elliott, Single Dad’s Guide to Life


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