Stuffy head.  Fuzzy brain.  A sore throat.  Itchy Eyes.  A runny nose.  Flat feet.  Those are my symptoms as I stand before you today for my weekly pillorying of my fitness progress.  Ok, maybe the flat feet has nothing to do with it.  So I apologize in advance of my weird ramblings today before I even start.  I will admit that my fitness week writings are hard to write in advance because if I were to start writing this on Wednesday, then when I put this up on Friday, things could have changed drastically.  To be honest, this is a tale of two weeks.  It may not have been “the best of times,” or even “the worst of times,” but I cannot reflect on this week unless I admit what has been going on.  And this blog is all about fitness, or fairy tales, or the number eleven . . . I think.

At about week ten, I decided I would change things up when I got to this week.  I figured I would be re-evaluating what I was going to be doing for the last seven weeks of this fitness journey.  But something happened a little over a week ago that shook me a bit.  It started as I was trying desperately to keep up with the hustling that blogging requires.  I found that I had stayed up til 2 o’clock in the morning on multiple nights.  But that wasn’t the whole of the problem.  When my daughter was a baby, I wouldn’t have questioned needing to do that on any night.   The problem was how I was feeling the next morning.  I felt like my world was teetering on the brink.

One moment I was walking around doing a piece of work, and the next minute I had no clue what I was doing.  If I started to type up some emails to people I wasn’t even sure why I was writing to them by the time I got to the end of the email.  And if I was writing up a blog post . . . well . . . Davidnator anyone?  OK!  Maybe that was a bit of inspired madness.  But I knew I could not keep living like this.

So in stepped Mighty Mouse to save the day.  And I lived happily every after.  Or so the Twentieth Fox Studios would want me to believe.   On a more serious note, I knew I had to do something so I went out and purchased a planner.  I know.  With all of the computerized systems that there are nowadays, why would I want to go out and purchase a planner?  I could just get some program to organize myself with all of the things.  While this may be true, I prefer to see things in writing.  So when I accomplish something I can mark it down.  Somehow, seeing things put down in writing makes it real to me.  So now I have a real way to organize myself.

Unfortunately, sometimes all of those late hours and not being able to complete things in a reasonable time can catch up with you.  For me, this meant sometime late Monday evening, or really Tuesday morning, I was beginning to feel sick.  You know the drill.  At first, it starts with a little tickle in the back of your throat.  Then it moves onto a little bit of soreness in the muscles.  And finally, it moves onto full blown sore throat and minor congestion.   This can turn into major congestion later on.

That morning I start downing orange juice like I am a ravenous dog with a big thing of steak sitting in front of me.  And then I start popping pills.  This is not some antibiotic that I have received from the doctor or some voodoo witch doctor medicine that I got from some local shaman.  It was crazier than that.  I actually spoke to my mom to borrow some of her vitamins.

I suppose for you out there who think that vitamins are the be all and end all, you must be thinking that I am being crazy.  And it’s possible that I am.  But I grew up with all kinds of pills that I took whenever my mother felt like I needed to get well.  One time she chopped up cloves of garlic upon my grandmother’s recommendation and made me swallow a massive spoonful of garlic to try to deal with some illness.  I know that garlic may be good for illness, but try living with the garlic gas that came with it for the next two weeks.  I love garlic.  But no one loves garlic like that.  These vitamins taste like that for me.  They are endless days of aftertaste and bleh!  But if it makes me feel better, sometimes, I am willing to take that risk.

So when I popped those pills, I was desperately trying to salvage the rest of the week and my times at the gym.  I wanted to not only keep my health but keep going to the gym.  Well, I would say that I did neither very effectively.  I got desperate enough to trade off the yucky mouth taste for a week in order to make sure I could keep up with my fitness plans.  It didn’t work.  What I did do was prevent it from becoming worse.  Maybe.  I suppose I can be appreciative for small victories.

So as I was evaluating this work and this week, I have had a hard time coming to a conclusion about how I did, or what was going on for the vast majority of the week.  I started off really well, with three times at the gym, and ended with a big whimper, just trying to keep my health from collapsing.  So as I sit here typing this up I feel like I am not giving an adequate assessment of my week, whether it be exercising or otherwise.  But I committed myself to this evaluation.  And I will give an honest assessment.

Fitness Week 14

What did I do for my fitness week fourteen?  What kinds of accomplishments did I make?  Or which things did I fail at?  Only the Shadow knows.  And maybe . . . possibly . . . my gym.  And Kermit the Frog.  Possibly Fozzie Bear.  But I promise not to let them be the only ones in on my little secret.  So how did I do this past week?

Going To The Gym Six Times –

I keep hoping to make it six times.  And I feel like I failed more than most this week. I only was able to get through three times at the gym.  This is not as good as I have done in the past.  And this is less than last week.  I did have a couple of times that I could have gone earlier in the week that I did not go because I figured I would make it to the gym a couple of times later in the week.  Well, I didn’t.  Instead, I got sick.  What did I learn from this?  Make time for things and go when you can.  Because you never know whether space aliens will come and induct you into their alien witchcraft seance.  It’s a thing I tell ya.

Drinking Eight Glasses Of Water Per Day-

On this one, I will say that I made it.  I have been working hard to make sure I was keeping up my water intake.  It’s not always easy.  And I know that some days I haven’t wanted to.  But this week I forced myself to drink water even when it wasn’t the first choice.  This meant at restaurants, or even just around the house.  I suppose OJ did throw down at the end of this week to compete with water.  But as OJ and water were neck and neck and Diet Coke was a distant third, I am thinking this was a good week.

Counting My Calories –

Calories?  Calories?  We don’t need no stinkin calories.  I mean really.  Can we get rid of calories now once and for all so that I can eat whatever I want and not get fat?  Can’t we?  Rats!  Or if I was to use my daughter’s favorite curse word:  Fudgesickles!  I will worry about apologizing to Fudgesickles later.  Much much later.  I have to admit, I didn’t track my calories.  I mean, I did look at how much my individual meals were . . . sometimes.  But I really didn’t keep track like I know I can.  And so this one I failed at.

Sleep For Eight Hours Per Night –

I think that this is part of the reason I got sick.  But what I did do effectively is set myself up for doing better in the future.  I have myself a planner.  I will be organizing my time better.  And I have a set schedule now.  I know that one can over plan things. But this isn’t about over planning things.  This is about making sure I don’t bite off more than I could chew.  Did I get to the eight this week?  No.  But I didn’t have a day short of six.  And that makes me want to sing my planner’s praises.

Ode To My Planner

Manner, spanner, life . . . conta’ners?

Losing life among the canners . . .

I do not sleep in bed tanners.

How you make life free of spammers.


Free of sleep I needed catching

Sheep to eyes so very fetching.

So off I went to find patching

And some place to do some etching.


So I went to store a searching

For devices to my liking

To end all my nighttime lurching

And my mind’s endless hiking.


I saw you blue upon a counter

Pages waiting to be written

Future moments to encounter

Although not with any kitten.


Excited, I lifted you high

Into the sky, like I had won.

‘Cause I knew life would not go by

And the frowns would turn into fun.


Now I’m home with book in order,

Day by day with pages filled.

Living life, I’ve now a border

So no blood of mine will be spilled.


Weekly Grade: C

Poetry Grade: Needs Improvement


New Plans For Next Week?

Ok, I am not really worried about spilling any blood.  At least I hope that I am not worried about that.  I don’t think my life is that dangerous.   So far my worst worry has been a spammer and a hacking incident. Ah, the beautiful people on the internet.  And I was here to evaluate where I was going to go from here.  Truthfully, I am not going to make an assessment about it this week.  I don’t feel like I can do it fairly.  What I do think is that I need to go one more week of the same, where I don’t get sick, before I can accurately assess what I need to do.  So my next week’s goals are as follows:

Goals For Next Week:

6 Times At The Gym Or A Hike

Eight Glasses Of Water Per Day

Counting Calories

Sleep For Eight Hours A Night

Wrapping It All Up

So that’s the end of this week.  I have been beating myself with a salami to get the words to come out, and I am still not sure whether I am writing well, or whether I am having a fever dream.  But I am going to rest here and hopefully, I can get myself well enough to write a more coherent post next time.  Thank you for indulging me this week.

Continuing The Conversation

So what have all of you been up to the last week?  How are your goals coming? And what have you done to better organize yourself and how you put yourself out there? I would love to hear from you.

If you could get past this crazy treatise and you still liked it, please check out my other blogs.  And follow me here at the blog.  Email signups will get the password and access to the Dad’s Rules.  They are ten rules that every parent should know about.  Thanks for stopping by.  We always appreciate your visit here.

Until next time, this is me signing off.

David Elliott, Single Dad’s Guide to Life

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